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Morpheus: A Web Admin for Neo4j

Always good to see this sort of tools coming out:

Morpheus: This is a stand-alone, full feature Neo4j distribution that exposes a Neo4j database over REST together with a web-based administrative interface for said database.

Morpheus: Neo4j web admin

Before starting to use it make sure you check the license though[1]

  1. Neo4j is using an AGPL license and tools connecting directly to it might need to be distributed using the same license.  ()


CouchDB API on Top of W3C WebStorage

Even if not functional yet, this is an extremely interesting idea:

IDBCouch is a complete implementation of the CouchDB storage and views API that supports peer-to-peer replication with other CouchDB instances. It is built on top of IndexedDatabase which is a specification that is still in flux as Mozilla implements the draft for Firefox 4.

IDBCouch project

Cassandra Web Console

Suguru Namura has published a set of screenshot of a web console for Cassandra:

Even if a bit later than others - for example CouchDB has Futon, HBase has ☞ hbaseexplorer, MongoDB has quite a few: mongo3, futon4mongo and phpMoAdmin plus MongoHub, Redis has Redweb — such tools are always welcome!

Serving files out of GridFS

Very interesting results testing serving files using Apache, nginx and GridFS.

Solution Requests/sec % Apache FS % nginx FS % nginx GridFS % Apache Ruby
FS via Apache 2625.37 100% 40.03% 242.22% 4,878.96%
FS via nginx 6559.31 249.84% 100% 605.17% 12,189.76%
GridFS via nginx module 1083.88 41.28% 16.52% 100% 2,014.27%
Rails via Passanger 53.81 2.05% 0.82% 4.96% 100%