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video: All content tagged as video in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

MapReducing Big Data with Riak and Luwak

The recording of Basho’s webinar on Riak Map/Reduce and Luwak:

You should read before Baseball Batting Average, Using Riak Map/Reduce and Fixing the count

Original title and link: MapReducing Big Data with Riak and Luwak (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

CouchDB Video Tutorial: Get friendly with CouchDB

One hour long video tutorial about CouchDB:

Original title and link: CouchDB Video Tutorial: Get friendly with CouchDB (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Jeopardy Goes to Hadoop

Did you know that Hadoop was the knowledge base behind the Watson supercomputer? I didn’t:

Hadoop was used to create Watson’s “brain,” or the database of knowledge and facilitation of Watson’s processing of enormously large volumes of data in milliseconds. Watson depends on 200 million pages of content and 500 gigabytes of preprocessed information to answer Jeopardy questions. That huge catalog of documents has to be searchable in seconds.

I’d love to read what other open source tools have been used when building Watson. For example has Watson used the Python-based Natural Language Toolkit?

Update: Jeroen Latour points out in a comment a presentation about Watson’s DeepQA Project and an article available in PDF format:

Original title and link: Jeopardy Goes to Hadoop (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


Scaling with Cassandra

Peter Schuller’s Scaling with Apache Cassadra recorded at Oredev:

I watched only the first couple of minutes, so comments and feedback are welcome.

Original title and link: Scaling with Cassandra (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Facebook Messages: FOSDEM NoSQL Event

From this year’s FOSDEM, Facebook talking about the technology behind the messaging platform:

Original title and link: Facebook Messages: FOSDEM NoSQL Event (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Introduction to Riak Video with Rusty Klophaus

Rusty Klophaus (Basho) introducing Riak. Online video on ☞, downloadable ☞ video file (mpeg-4) and ☞ mp3.

Original title and link: Introduction to Riak Video with Rusty Klophaus (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Big Data: Millionfold Mashups and the Shape of Data

Philip (flip) Kromer ( talking about origins of big data, generating big data, and some ideas on using big data. Very interesting talk.

Original title and link: Big Data: Millionfold Mashups and the Shape of Data (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Riak’s Distributed Storage Architecture

Justin Sheehy[1] talking about the Riak’s internals and how they’ve build Riak as a distributed, robust, scalable, and extensible NoSQL database

Justin Sheehy - Riak’s distributed storage architecture

  1. Justin Sheehy: CTO Basho, @justinsheehy  ()

Original title and link: Riak’s Distributed Storage Architecture (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

CouchDB Replication and Conflict Detection

15 minutes with Andrew Browne (@adbrowne) on CouchDB replication and conflict detection recorded at Melbourne

Scaling with MongoDB Video

Kristina Chodorow’s giving the serious version of MongoDB is web scale in an O’Reilly webcast: scaling with MongoDB:

Membase and Erlang with Matt Ingenthron

Matt Ingenthron[1] talking about Membase and Erlang (what worked and what didn’t) at Erlang Factory Lite LA:

NoSQL Tapes: Video Interviews with NoSQL people

After, what I assume to have been, an amazing adventure talking NoSQL around the globe, Tim Anglade has started to publish the video recordings of his conversations with people involved in the NoSQL products.

The page is listing over 40 videos, but only 6 have been published so far. There are a couple that I’m eagerly awaiting to watch.

Even if I’m a bit envious, I want to thank Tim for his efforts in evangelizing NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence and wish him luck with the new job at Cloudant.

Original title and link: NoSQL Tapes: Video Interviews with NoSQL people (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)