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Scale Fail

Josh Berkus:

Better than MongoDB is Web scale.

Original title and link: Scale Fail (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Open-Source VoIP Cloud Services with Erlang

There’s a bit of CouchDB in the project:

We’ve built an open-source product that automatically deploys, scales and distributes VoIP calls across the Internet on commodity or virtualized servers. It fully utilizes Erlang for VoIP logic as well as relies on other Erlang products like CouchDB and RabbitMQ. It’s got an awesome set of APIs and some other nifty features.

Original title and link: Open-Source VoIP Cloud Services with Erlang (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Videos from Surge Conference

Even if not focused on NoSQL, the videos from the Surge conference are covering very interesting aspects related to scalability. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Theo Schlossnagle: Scalable Design Patterns
  • Justin Sheehy: Embracing Concurrency at Scale
  • Ronald Bradford: The most common MySQL scalability mistakes, and how to avoid them
  • Ruslan Belkin: Going 0 to 60: Scaling LinkedIn
  • Robert Treat: Database Scalability Patterns
  • Artur Bergman: Scaling and Loadbalancing Wikia Across The World
  • Mike Malone: Working with Dimensional Data in a Distributed Hash Table
  • Gavin M. Roy: Scaling - Lessons Learned From Rapid Growth
  • Benjamin Black: Go with the flow - Meditations on network infrastructure analysis
  • John Allspaw: The “Go or No-Go”: Operability and Contingency at Etsy
  • Rod Cope: Top 10 Lessons Learned from Deploying Hadoop in a Private Cloud

Last but not least there’s also a “SQL vs NoSQL” panel featuring Geir Magnusson Jr (Moderator), Robert Treat, Baron Schwartz, Mike Malone and Justin Sheehy.


Original title and link: Videos from Surge Conference (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Riak and Scala at Yammer

Coda Hale and Ryan Kennedy[1] presented recently about Riak and Scala usage at Yammer providing details about choosing Riak and sharing some of the leassons learned while using Riak for building Streamie.

Slides of the talk are available in PDF format here. And this post on Basho’s blog covers the Q&A part that isn’t included in the video.

  1. Coda Hale: @coda, Ryan Kennedy: @rckenned.  

Original title and link: Riak and Scala at Yammer (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

The Birth of a Word: The Future of Data Science

Even if the name of this TED talk is “The birth of a word”, I would have called it anything from the future of data science, extreme data analysis, and brilliant informatio visualization. Anyway, it is a must see:

Original title and link: The Birth of a Word: The Future of Data Science (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

The Many Faces Of MapReduce - Hadoop and Beyond

The best panel from Structure Big Data 2011. Featuring Amr Awadallah[1], Mike Hoskins[2], Dwight Merriman[3], Todd Papaioannou[4], Ben Werther[5], the DataStax Brisk official announcement, and a cool parallel between Hadoop processing and cooking approaches from Amr. A must see.

Videos from MongoUK Event Thanks to SkillsMatter

10gen continued its MongoDB popularization tour around the world with three events in Europe: London, Paris, and Berlin. SkillsMatter, the organizers of MongoUK have recorded all the sessions and made them available here

Here is the list of the talks:

  • Welcome by Eliot Horowitz
  • Nosh Petigara: Building your 1st MongoDB application
  • Richard Kreuter: Mastering the MongoDB shell
  • Meghan Gill: MongoDB community resources
  • Richard Kreuter: Schema design: data as documents
  • Mathias Stearn: MongoDB Internals: Storage Engine
  • Graham Tackley: MongoDB at the Guardian
  • Russell Smith: Geo & Capped collections with MongoDB
  • Richard Kreuter: Indexing and Query Optimizer
  • Geoff Watts: BSON and ZMQ
  • Mathias Stearn: Administration
  • Eliot Horowitz: Open Q&A with Eliot Horowitz
  • Ashok Subramanian & Stephen Rose: Project Phoenix
  • Phillipp Krenn: Morphia: MongoDB for Java Developers
  • Eliot Horowitz: Scaling with MongoDB
  • Neil Bertlett: MongoDB as a backing store of Eclipse MF
  • Nosh Petigara: Deployment strategies
  • David Mytton: Monitoring MongoDB
  • Eliot Horowitz: MongoDB Project Roadmap

Original title and link: Videos from MongoUK Event Thanks to SkillsMatter (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Riak with node.js

Video and slides of the latest webinar from Basho guys about using Riak from node.js:

Original title and link: Riak with node.js (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Hosting websites out of CouchDB

Virtual hosts and URL rewrites have been introduced over an year ago in CouchDB 0.11. And they have been documented in getting ready for CouchDB.

Together with Couchapps, support for virtual hosts and URL rewrites makes it easier to create and serve web applications directly from CouchDB with no additional middleware.

In the following video, Max Odgen provides a brief tutorial on how to set up vhosts and rewrites in CouchDB so that you can host couchapps as websites that have pretty URLs.

R and the web in 2011

The last couple of posts were about BigData and Jeffrey Horner’s presentation is inline with this topic:

If there is ever a time to learn R and web application development, it is now…in the age of Big Data. The upcoming release of R 2.13 will provide basic functionality for developing R web applications on the desktop via the internal HTTP server, but the interface is incompatible with rApache. Jeffrey will talk about Rack, a web server interface and package for R, and how you can start creating your own Big Data stories from the comfort of your own desktop.

Note: The video is missing the beginning and it is not a generic talk about R, so it will be interesting mostly to those using R and planning to develop web applications directly from R.

Original title and link: R and the web in 2011 (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Hadoop and NoSQL Databases at Twitter

Three presentations covering the various NoSQL usages at Twitter:

  1. Kevin Weil talking about data analysis using Scribe for logging, base analysis with Pig/Hadoop, and specialized data analysis with HBase, Cassandra, and FlockDB on InfoQ

  2. Ryan King’s presentation from last year’s QCon SF NoSQL track on Gizzard, Cassandra, Hadoop, and Redis on InfoQ

  3. Dmitriy Ryaboy on Hadoop from Devoxx 2010:

By looking at the powered by NoSQL page and my records, Twitter seems to be the largest adopter of NoSQL solutions. Here is an updated version of who is using Cassandra and HBase

  • Twitter: Cassandra, HBase, Hadoop, Scribe, FlockDB, Redis
  • Facebook: Cassandra, HBase, Hadoop, Scribe, Hive
  • Netflix: Amazon SimpleDB, Cassandra
  • Digg: Cassandra
  • SimpleGeo: Cassandra
  • StumbleUpon: HBase, OpenTSDB
  • Yahoo!: Hadoop, HBase, PNUTS
  • Rackspace: Cassandra

And probably many more missing from the list. But that could change if you leave a comment.

Original title and link: Hadoop and NoSQL Databases at Twitter (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Facebook Builds HBase-based Real-Time Analytics

More applications of HBase at Facebook, after the new messaging system:

If you are interesting to read more about Facebook messages here’s a list of posts:

Original title and link: Facebook Builds HBase-based Real-Time Analytics (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)