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Big Data for C-Suites: Teradata and Big Data the Best Decision Possible

In the series of Big Data for C-Suites, here’s a video from Teradata:

Notice how this one focuses on two dimensions only: keywords and Teradata. For now Hortonworks’s Big Data and Hadoop for C-Suites resonates better with me.

Original title and link: Big Data for C-Suites: Teradata and Big Data the Best Decision Possible (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

GridGain vs Hadoop: GridGrain Is Web Scale

At least as funny as MongoDB is Web Scale. But it wants to be taken seriously.

Original title and link: GridGain vs Hadoop: GridGrain Is Web Scale (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

I Can’t Believe This Is Butter! A Tour of Btrfs With Avi Miller

A highly entertaining and education talk about Butter FS (btrfs1) delivered by Avi Miller. All his demos just worked and the last one is really fascinating. Only 50 minutes, but well worth it.

NoSQL Applications Panel Video

Hey, it looks like the NoSQL applications panel I’ve moderated at QCon SF 2011 went live minutes ago on InfoQ. Featuring Andy Gross (Basho), Frank Weigel (Couchbase), Matt Pfeil (DataStax), Michael Stack (StumbleUpon), Jared Rosoff (10gen), and yours truly.

Drop everything and start watching it now! I promise you’ll love every second of it[1].

  1. It misses my opening jokes though  

Original title and link: NoSQL Applications Panel Video (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

Riak: Past and Future

Justin Sheehy talking about the origins of Riak and Dave Smith about its future at Riak 1.0 party. A nice piece of the recent history.

Couchbase 2.0 Ruby Client Screencast

A screencast demoing CRUD capabilities of the Couchbase 2.0 using the Ruby library.

MongoDB and New York Times Project Cascade

New York Times’ Jake Porway talks about Project Cascade and MongoDB usage for collecting, filtering, and analyzing realtime data feeds from a variety of sources to better understand how people interact with the news, the world, and each other.

Running MongoDB on the Cloud

I’ve been posting a lot about deployments in the cloud and especially about deploying MongoDB in the Amazon cloud:

In this video Jared Rosoff covers topics like scaling and performance characteristics of running MongoDB in the cloud and he also shares some best practices when using Amazon EC2.

Is NoSQL a Fad or the Future of Managing Data?

Tim Anglade about NoSQL:

It definitely has elements of a fad […], but I do think it is here to stay.

The complete interview recorded at OSCON is only 3 minutes long:

Cassandra Query Language: Not Just NoSQL. It’s MoSQL

Cassandra 0.8 included the first version of Cassandra Query Language or CQL. Eric Evans gave a talk at Cassandra SF 2011 introducing Cassandra Query Language as an alternative and not replacement of the current Cassandra API:

MongoDB Positioning: Big Data and Development Agility

Max Schireson positions MongoDB as a solution for Big Data and development agility:

Nimble Storage Innovations

A short video talking about an interesting storage technology from Nimble Storage which combines Flash and disk storage with inline compression for both cold and hot data: