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usecase: All content tagged as usecase in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Powered by Redis: Dating DNA ChatWalls

A short story of migrating Dating DNA chatrooms + forums from MySQL to Redis and PHP Rediska.

Original title and link: Powered by Redis: Dating DNA ChatWalls (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


MongoDB at Sunlight Labs for Open Government Apps

Sunlight Labs uses MongoDB for 3 different projects in the field of Open Government and the embedded slides talk about what MongoDB brought to the table:

Original title and link: MongoDB at Sunlight Labs for Open Government Apps (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Non-canonical Use Case for MongoDB for

Christopher Groskopf[1] presenting a not so typical use case for MongoDB for building, sharing their experience with schema-less design, search faceting, and geo-queries :

  1. Christopher Groskopf: News Application Developer, Chicago Tribune  ()

Original title and link: Non-canonical Use Case for MongoDB for (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Why Comcast is Interested in NoSQL databases

Fantastic presentation from Jon Moore on why Comcast (enterprises?) is not interested in NoSQL databases:


  • it is not for massive scale
  • it is not for high performance
  • it is not for handling Big Data
  • NoSQL databases still carry risks and require more ramp-up and investment
  • it is for the distributed nature of NoSQL databases, including multi-data center support
  • it is for operational scalability and operational friendliness of NoSQL databases

You can get the PDF from ☞ here.

Jon Moore

Original title and link: Why Comcast is Interested in NoSQL databases (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Redis at Smories

Smories is a Django app. Although the little server it runs on handles the spiky traffic fine I’ve been fiddling with Redis to prepare the site for when it eventually overtakes Facebook. I love Redis. It feels like a natural, ultra-performant extension to Python’s easy way of handling data types.

Redis usage at ☞ Smories:

  • query cache: making using of the Redis data structures
  • rate limiting: based on key expiration
  • activity tracking: real-time tracker using Redis capped lists

Adding it to Powered by Redis.

Original title and link: Redis at Smories (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


Distributed Graph Databases and Usecases

Darren Wood[1] presentation containing a mix of details on distributed graph databases and graph databases use cases:

According to Darren distributed graph databases characteristics are:

  • High performance distributed persistence
  • Ability to deal with remote data reads (fast)
  • Intelligent local cache of subgraphs
  • Distributed navigation processing
  • Distributed, multi-source concurrent ingest
  • Write modes supporting both strict and eventually consistency

You might want to check Marko Rodrigues’ Graph Databases: more than an introduction for a more complete list of possible graph databases use cases.

  1. Darren Wood, Chief Architect InfiniteGraph  ()

Original title and link: Distributed Graph Databases and (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

eBay, Hadoop, HBase

From ☞ DBMS2:

eBay sees Hadoop as an interesting tool for certain special purposes:

  • eBay likes Hadoop for certain tasks such as image analysis.
  • eBay doesn’t like Hadoop for anything that requires data movement, such as a join.
  • Similarly, eBay doesn’t like HBase.

But based on reports from Hadoop World it looks like eBay usage of Hadoop is quite wide:

  • eBay had a 4 node cluster in 2007, a 28 and a 10 node cluster in 2009, a 500+ nodes cluster in 2010
  • 4200 processors, 4.3 PB of data on CentOS 1U 48 GB RAM datanodes.
  • production cluster will be 8500 procs, 16PB

Original title and link: eBay, Hadoop, HBase (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

FameTown - A New AWS-Powered Facebook Game Using Membase

Any particular reason for Membase appearing mostly in game usecases? Or is it more like: “if Zynga is using Membase, then we will too”?

Under the hood, this Facebook game makes good use of AWS and a number of other technologies. Here’s a summary:

  • The game is written in Sinatra, a DSL (domain specific language) used to create Ruby apps with minimal effort. The code runs on Amazon EC2.
  • Traffic to the EC2 instances is load balanced using the Nginx load balancer.
  • Membase is used for data storage, hosted on a number of Elastic Block Storage (EBS) volumes.
  • Scalr is used to scale and manage the application.

Original title and link: FameTown - A New AWS-Powered Facebook Game Using Membase (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


HBase and Hadoop: How StumbleUpon Built an Advertising Platform

Jean-Daniel Cryans presentation from Hadoop World on mixing real-time needs and batch processing for building an advertising platform using HBase and Hadoop:

Mixing Real-Time Needs and Batch Processing: How StumbleUpon Built an Advertising Platform using HBase and Hadoop, Jean-Daniel C .

Original title and link: HBase and Hadoop: How StumbleUpon Built an Advertising Platform (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Synthesis: An Analytics Product Built on Cassandra

After Facebook, Twitter[1], Digg[2], and a couple more, Cassandra is now going government with Synthesis, an analytics solution built by Digital Reasoning:

It is now deploying Synthesis inside the intelligence community across a 400-node cluster. Cassandra and Synthesis together will derive actionable intelligence from hundreds of millions of documents.

Original title and link: Synthesis: An Analytics Product Built on Cassandra (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


Redis Usecase: Activity Stream Caching

Excellent Redis use case from PeachShake:

My solution was to leave the data storage in MySQL, but move the stream construction into Redis. Instead of querying MySQL and doing the joins to make the stream, I just create a linear stream for each user and append new IDs to it every time an action occurs. Then, the MySQL query is a dead-simple “SELECT WHERE IN” query using the IDs pulled from the Redis list. This takes a 30+ second MySQL query down to a few milliseconds.

As always, the main issue is synchronization. I have to make sure that the Redis activity stream matches the activities stored in MySQL.

Couple of comments though:

  • I’d try my best to avoid SELECT WHERE IN (depending on the size of the data I’d try to assemble it and place it directly in Redis. In other words, cache at a higher level)
  • Activity streams do not require perfect synchronization

Added to the Powered by Redis.

Original title and link: Redis Usecase: Activity Stream Caching (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


Neo4j Usecases in Telecom Space

Peter Neubauer’s slides on Neo4j use cases in the Telecom market:

In the Telecommunications sector, there are a lot of complex data sets and problems that are well suited for graph models and the use of graph databases like Neo4j. This talk gives just some ideas on where Neo4j currently is used within the TelCo sector.

Some of the Neo4j usecases mentioned:

  • call data records analysis
  • routing
  • social graphs
  • master data management
  • spatial and LBS
  • network topology analysis

Original title and link: Neo4j Usecases in Telecom Space (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)