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Tropo and CouchDB: SMS Voting App in 10 Minutes

Mark Headd:

By pairing Tropo with CouchDB and a CouchApp running in IrisiCouch, you can have an SMS and phone voting app running entirely in the cloud in about 10 minutes. It should actually take you longer to write up the categories for your voting app than it should to deploy this solution.

Code available on GitHub.

Original title and link: Tropo and CouchDB: SMS Voting App in 10 Minutes (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


Voice Applications with Tropo, CouchDB and PHP

This post and the next several that follow it will detail how to set up a CouchDB instance and to build a cloud telephony application with it using the Voxeo Tropo platform.

So far they published 3 articles: ☞ part 1 — covering CouchDB installation —, ☞ part 2 — CouchDB configuration and the first PHP code interacting with both Tropo and CouchDB amd ☞ part 3 — covering CouchDB data modeling and data fetching.

Even if you don’t plan to build a telephony app, I’d still say it is a bit more practical than this other CouchDB usecase.