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Smalltalk Client for Riak in the Works

It sounds like someone is working on a Smalltalk client for Riak that (most probably) will be based on the Protocol Buffers-based Riak protocol — chosen for its performance compared to HTTP, the other protocol supported by Riak.

I don’t write about all NoSQL libraries out there, but some sound too geeky[1] to resist not to mention.

  1. Smalltalk is one of the languages I’ve never really got through, so maybe that explains why. Haskell, OCaml are just a couple of other examples.  

Original title and link: Smalltalk Client for Riak in the Works (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Smalltalk and CouchDB: Too Geeky to Resist

Not sure how many smalltalkers are reading the NoSQL blog and how many of them are interested in CouchDB, but this was too geeky to resist it:

Setting up a Squeak+Seaside+CouchDB dev environment: This is a little log from my attempts to set up a fresh development environment for the project. eBlankett is a web system that presents wizard like web forms to the user given a declarative high level definition of this wizard in JSON.


NoSQL News & Links 2010-04-01

  1. Douglas Adams: ☞ Accessing Cassandra from Pharo. OMG! Cassandra and Smalltalk. Geeky!
  2. Michael Hunger: ☞ MongoDB Growing Up: Release 1.4 and Commercial Support by 10gen

    An ☞ InfoQ round up on MongoDB 1.4.