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Which Is Better for Programmers: SQL vs. NoSQL?

Jeff Cogswell compares some short code samples in an attempt to answer the much bigger question:

But what about the programmers, who write the client code that access the databases? Where do the disagreements leave them? From a programming perspective, is SQL really that horrible and outdated? Or is the new NoSQL really that awful to work with? Perhaps they both have strengths and good points.

I confess that reading the above made me curious about what the article would conclude. Unfortunately, by the time I’ve read the first comparison (JavaScript in NodeJS using SQL vs Mongo) I realized my expectations were too high. For a few reasons:

  1. it would have been impossible to compare the APIs of all relevant NoSQL databases with a relational database;
  2. it would have been very difficult to choose a generic, representative enough use case;
  3. the results would have always been heavily influenced by the quality of drivers and libraries used.

Last but not least, many of the merits of the NoSQL databases are related to operational complexity and not programming complexity. As someone that did a fare amount of coding and close to zero operations, I would probably feel OK accepting a bit of programming complexity for simplified operations. But that might be just a biased opinion.

Original title and link: Which Is Better for Programmers: SQL vs. NoSQL? (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)