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Mine Is Bigger Than Yours: Hadoop Code Contributions

Who’s bigger? Hortonworks’ The Yahoo! Effect or Cloudera’s The Community Effect?

This is ugly and should never happen to an open source project.

Still Joe Brockmeier (RWW) describes this as a superb win-win situation:

It might seem unhealthy for companies to be clamoring for credit in open source projects, but it’s a sign of health for projects. If companies position themselves to be top contributors, and care about their standing, the projects win. Users win too. Developers in the ecosystem also win – since it’s far easier to hire existing contributors than trying to push outsiders in to a project.

But there’s just a minor thing missing. Who gets the cheese?

Original title and link: Mine Is Bigger Than Yours: Hadoop Code Contributions (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

Seasonal Greetings and Thanks to NoSQL community

It’s been a bit over an year since the first post here and I’ve finally decided to take a short break and enjoy offline this period of the year with my family.

Anyways, there have been so much happening this year and I’ve learned so much that I thought I should thank everyone firstly.

Thanks to all developers and companies working on NoSQL databases and teaching us polyglot persistence

Thanks to everyone that took the time to talk about their experiences with NoSQL databases and allowing me to bring those stories to you all.

Thanks to everyone taking the time to answer my questions, correct me (and sorry if I’ve been annoying).

Thanks to all new friends I’ve made and that I met in real life or just virtually.

Thanks to everyone reading my blog, commenting, or sharing it with others.

I wish you all the best and see you soon in the new year.

Christmas Tree

Original title and link: Seasonal Greetings and Thanks to NoSQL community (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Concerns in the Tokyo Cabinet Community

The Tokyo Cabinet community is starting to express its concerns related to the future of the project. Back when I covered Kyoto Cabinet, the successor of Tokyo Cabinet I have expressed the same concerns. Unfortunately even if I tried to contact the creator of these projects to shed some light on their future, I got no response back.

I really hope this will not be an issue for the Tokyo Cabinet users/community and they will find a solution that will work well for everyone.