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nosql ecosystem news: All content tagged as nosql ecosystem news in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

NoSQL Ecosystem News 2010-02-10

  1. Blueprints 0.1: a collection of data models and their implementations. Announcement available here ☞ and source code on GitHub ☞.
  2. Generators to setup use of MongoDB and create MongoDB compatible models in Rails 3 

NoSQL Ecosystem News 2010-02-09

  1. A very weird metaphor about the difference between SQL and NoSQL

    SQL is like Communism and you are a boss in a factory. NoSQL is like a dictatorship and you are the dictator.

  2. A forum (Walled City) migrates its backend storage from MySQL to CouchDB. No comments though on the pros and cons.

NoSQL Ecosystem News 2010-02-08

  1. WebFaction hosting for MongoDB. Make sure though that you are using it only as your playground (limited memory, 32bit only)
  2. a file sharing powerd by CouchDB, JRuby, Varnish
  3. The 10th edition of NoSQL week in review has been published. Make sure you are reading it!
  4. Did you know there is a BashReduce? and
  5. A real saga of using CouchDB and couchdb-lucene for a recipes blog: ☞ 1, ☞ 2, ☞ and the story goes on

NoSQL Ecosystem News 2010-02-05

  1. 10gen releases Ubuntu & Debian packages for MongoDB
  2. Django non-relational: a group to be joined by developers that would like Django to have native support for NoSQL stores
  3. jo4neo library updated to latest Neo4j API
  4. Neo4j started a collaboration with Jim Webber (@jimwebber) to bring a REST interface to Neo4j. You can track advance here . Update: I just heard that the alpha version is completed.
  5. A Ruby object-mapper library for CouchDB: ☞ CouchCrumbs
  6. MongoDB is not only getting a lot of coverage, but also hosting support

NoSQL Ecosystem News 2010-02-04

  1. Old, but nice to know that it exists: Using CouchDB in Flex/AIR with RestfulX
  2. CouchDB Lucene: A Tail of Woe
  3. A Redis command-line shell interface in Ruby redish
  4. Intro to using MongoDB Debian 5 (Lenny)
  5. a push notification service for iPhone using Riak

NoSQL Ecosystem News 2010-02-03

  1. Sony Computer Entertainment America has Redis on their job descriptions
  2. Neo4j based Twitter visualization:

  3. The recently released HBase 0.20.3 RPM distro is available in Cloudera’s contrib repository
  4. Interested to get JIRA XML into CouchDB?
  5. What exactly is Dayvan? . Anyone care to explain?

NoSQL Ecosystem News 2010-02-02

  • Cassandra got the vote to graduate from Apache Incubator and become a top Apache project (note I can tell you there is some meaning in this graduation)
  • For Lispers: MongoDB and Redis clients
  • Business VoIP is powered by Erlang and CouchDB
  • A couple of days old, but still worth mentioning:
    • PyMongo 1.4 drops support for Python 2.3 
    • redis-admin, the web administration tool for Redis, added string value editing and a couple of other small features

NoSQL Ecosystem News 2010-02-01

NoSQL Ecosystem News for 2010.02.01

In my attempt to provide the best NoSQL ecosystem coverage I will be testing a new daily post format. While not meant to replace our daily articles, the daily NoSQL Ecosystem News will feature short interesting announcements. Some of these will probably develop in stand alone articles, but they will also offer you a quick way to get the pulse of the day. To historically browse what is happening with the NoSQL ecosystem you can use the tag NoSQL ecosystem news. The most important announcements will probably be included in our well established by now: NoSQL weekly review.

Please do not hesitate to give me feedback for this idea. It will definitely help me understand if it is useful to you!

  1. Quilt / Couchquilt: access CouchDB JSON documents from filesystem
  2. Make your MongoDB C# code more readable with dynamics (instead of dictionaries)
  3. Installing MongoDB on Ubuntu
  4. URL rewriting support for CouchDB committed
  5. Neo4j.rb example rails application
  6. MongoKit with ☞ Pylons
  7. ☞ Ask HN: What’s the current state of NoSQL ?. My comment ☞ here.