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Analysts' Predictions for Hadoop Market

With so many players in the market[1], it’s easy to see that not all of them will flourish. IDC has predicted that this year will see a lot of merger and acquisition activity as large technology companies rush to buy smaller companies with expertise in big data. By 2015, the analysts say it’s likely that none of the current “major players” in the Hadoop market will still exist.

These predictions have also a dark scary side. Not in the sense that existing companies that bring value to the market do not deserve good exits in the next 3-4 years. But most of the time, if not ignored, these statements will lead to an applification of BS and the creation of a ton of copy-cats bringing no value to a market that still has to see a lot of innovation, adoption, and return on investment for the users.

  1. According to Benjamin Woo, program vice president for worldwide storage systems at IDC, there are over 200 companies that claim to be in the big data space.  

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