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Tarantool/Silverbox: Another In-Memory Key-Value Store from Mail.Ru, one of the most popular Russian web sites, has open sourced ☞ Tarantool which among other components includes also (another) in-memory key-value store.

From the ☞ project home:

  • The system is optimized for work with large volumes of data;
  • Tarantool uses snapshot files, which contain the state of the database at the time of copy to disk;
  • Transaction logging in binary log files preserves all changes to database state, allowing automatic restoration of information after system reboot;
  • The system provides high availability, automatic switchover to an available replica in case of crash of any part of the system;
  • The system is fully compatible with the memcached protocol;
  • Local replicas allow system update without interruption to client services;
  • The system provides data replication over the network;
  • Tarantool supplies a simply binary protocol for replication, supporting the creation of additional logic.

It sounds like an improved, HA memcached, which would place it close to products like Membase[1].


  1. Details about Tarantool are still scarce, so I’m not 100% about it.  ()

Original title and link: Tarantool/Silverbox: Another In-Memory Key-Value Store from Mail.Ru (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)