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library: All content tagged as library in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Rails Extensions for MongoDB Mongoid

A bunch of Rails addons to enhance Mongoid mapped models timestamps, versioning, history, tagging, search, geo, tree, etc. — note how many of these libraries are calling themselves mapping tools or even ORMs and ask yourself if indeed there’s no impedance mismatch:

This is all made possible by the fact that MongoDB documents don’t need a schema and that mongoid has a very simple callback mechanism that can invoke your function when an object is created, modified or destroyed.

The reverse of the coin is that the more you add the more magic is happening behind the scenes. And magic doesn’t usually play well with performance.

Original title and link: Rails Extensions for MongoDB Mongoid (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


Reupholster: A CouchApps Development Tool

There are some advanced CouchApp frameworks already. What reupholster does is allows you to experience writing a CouchApp as fast as possible, with very little learning curve. It just feels like you are editing a normal web project.

The other advantage is you get to pick frameworks that you want for your application. Pick from Microjs, SproutCore, JavaScriptMVC, jquery, or just bare bones javascript. No lock-in.

Admirable idea.

Original title and link: Reupholster: A CouchApps Development Tool (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


RESTandra: A RESTful API for Cassandra

Jonathan Fairfull about :

RESTandra/ is(was) my final year honours project. The point of it was to provide RESTful access to Apache Cassandra Resources. […] RESTandra/ is all about apply HTTP verbs to Cassandra nouns. The interface to Cassandra was provided through a slightly trick URL:



Original title and link: RESTandra: A RESTful API for Cassandra (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


statebox:an eventually consistent data model for Erlang and Riak

When you choose an eventually consistent data store you’re prioritizing availability and partition tolerance over consistency, but this doesn’t mean your application has to be inconsistent. What it does mean is that you have to move your conflict resolution from writes to reads. Riak does almost all of the hard work for you, but if it’s not acceptable to discard some writes then you will have to set allow_mult to true on your bucket(s) and handle siblings from your application. In some cases, this might be trivial. For example, if you have a set and only support adding to that set, then a merge operation is just the union of those two sets.

So, Bob Ippolito (Mochi Media) created statebox to address this scenario for data structure supporting repeatable operations.

Justin Sheehy

Original title and link: statebox:an eventually consistent data model for Erlang and Riak (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)