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graph processing: All content tagged as graph processing in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

6 Pregel-Inspired Frameworks

A quick overview of 6 Pregel-inspired frameworks (Apache Hama, GoldenOrb, Apache Giraph, Phoebus, Signal/Collect, and HipG):

So, to summarize, what Hama, GoldenOrb and Giraph have in common is: Java platform, Apache License (and incubation), BSP computation. What they differ for: Hama offers BSP primitives not graph processing API (so it sits at a lower level), GoldenOrb provides Pregel’s API but requires the deployment of additional software to your existing Hadoop infrastructure, Giraph provides Pregel’s API (and is kind of complete at the current state) and doesn’t require additional infrastructure.

Original title and link: 6 Pregel-Inspired Frameworks (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


What Are Some Good MapReduce Implementations for Graphs?

In case you were wondering how some problems Hadoop and MapReduce are not best at solving, there’s a great Q&A on

MapReduce is good at distributed computing, but not for graph algorithms. Is there a general-use, highly-distributed open source graph framework? I’m especially interested in hearing about in-practice use cases, and how good/bad they were.

Ankur Dave’s answer is quite compehensive, listing 5 specialized solutions and 3 generic frameworks:

  • Giraph
  • GraphLab
  • Phoebus
  • Golden Orb
  • Signal/Collect
  • Spark
  • Piccolo
  • HaLoop

I was not aware of all these solutions, so more to read for me.

Original title and link: What Are Some Good MapReduce Implementations for Graphs? (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)