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Hadoop Distributed File System HDFS: A Cartoon Is Worth A

A picture is worth a thousand words. A comic-like explanation of HDFS is worth some too:

Hadoop Distributed File System HDFS

See it in full size. Credit Maneesh Varshney

Skuffed & Shiny

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Thank You

There are just a couple of hours left from 2011. At this time most of us are just relaxing, or making the last preparations for the party tonight, or thinking about the year ahead. But I couldn’t just let the year end without thanking the tons of people that made our adventure here on myNoSQL possible.

So to all developers creating great pieces of software, to all those having the guts to try out new technologies and sharing their experience with the community, to all those that helped me further spread the word about polyglot persistence and NoSQL databases in particular (I hope you’ll continue helping me), to all those that took a bit of their time to teach me something (by commenting on this blog or sending an email), to all my Twitter friends, and to all myNoSQL readers that kept me going:

Thank you!

I wish you all the very best for 2012!

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No Relations

Geek & Poke:

The Hard Life Of A #NoSQL Coder - Geek Poke

NoSQL is a lifestyle. For a true believer.

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Outgrew MongoDB … Now What?

How many anomalies can you find in this question and the OP’s comments?

Note: Given the OP’s detailed problem description, performance and space efficiency requirements, correlated with the costs limitations, I’d suggest firstly taking the MongoDB is web scale training and then using /dev/null.

Original title and link: Outgrew MongoDB … Now What? (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

SDB Explorer for Amazon SimpleDB

I opened my email this morning just to find one of the daily Mac software deals email promoting an Amazon SimpleDB tool: SDB Explorer[1]. This reminded me that last month I’ve seen NoSQL mentioned twice on TechMeme. I don’t know if any relational database has ever been mentioned on Oprah, but that’s the next stop for NoSQL databases. NoSQL is mainstream.

  1. Here is also the promotion.  

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LAMP, NoSQL databases, Open Source, and Microsoft

Relative to the LAMP stack, NoSQL databases and other open source technologies, Microsoft technology is sometimes viewed as stodgy, non-innovative and expensive. For some, the Microsoft .NET Framework, SQL Server, SharePoint and certainly Windows and Office are impressive and reliable, but not the things that Web breakthroughs are made of.

Keywords: impressive, reliable, Microsoft.

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The New SingleNode NoSQL Database

The news today is brought to you by Milind Bhandarkar:

In other news, java.util.HashMap renamed “SingleNode NoSQL”

For concurrent environments it is recommended to use the updated version java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap.

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Origin of NoSQL

Where NoSQL comes from:

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SQL vs NoSQL: Twinkle, Twinkle, NoSQL!

Story and script by Latha Annur Subramaniam:

In case you have a hard time reading it:

RDBMS (SQL) was worried when the news about a new technology called NoSQL

SQL: Oh, he is this new NoSQL guy. People say he is here to beat me out. Hmm. I just hate him!

NoSQL: Howdy, senior SQL. How are you?

SQL: um… uh… oh Hi young man. Looks like you are new to this place?

NoSQL: Oh yeah! Just out of the ‘Latest computing trends’ school.

SQL: He is just a fresher. But I am his great grand senior. He can never take me down.

SQL: Hey, your name NoSQL sounds strange. Sounds like you are an anti-SQL guy.

NoSQL: Hm… true. I fell so unfortunate of my name. But I am never al alternate to you. In short, I am a new solution for the fresh new problems of this computing era… the “WEBSCALE” era.

SQL: (Hey he sounds modest. Am kinda like this guy) Oh. Am hearing this term for the first time. What is this W-E-B SCALE thing all about?

NoSQL: Interestingly, these days humans lead a much active social life on the WEB only.

NoSQLL Just like in their real life, people always need more and more of everything. Tweet, Search, Maps, Blog… their needs never end ;-)

SQL: Hmmm. Now I get it. I’ve been the darling for the enterprises for their data storage needs. But maybe they will abandom me and choose you, when they need more scale?!?!

NoSQL: Partially true. I can help them in scaling massively. But you are still the best in a lot of things.

NoSQL: For example, you are the Superstar when it comes to ‘transaction based apps’. I can never beat you in your ACID qualities

NoSQL: Also, I am still not the best for ‘Reporting’ requirements. While my ‘schemaless’ quality helps dynamically add different types of data, it causes the drawback of not being helpful for reporting.

SQL: I fell you are the right fit for the modern social apps.

NoSQL: You are the right bet for the critical business apps… soon until I catch up with you


SQL: Yup. I wish you good luck, young man.

NoSQL: Thank you, senior. Btw, my name doesn’t mean a NO to SQL!!! It is only that I am NOT only SQL :-)

SQL: and so I dedicate this song to you buddy:

Twinkle, twinkle NoSQL
Was wondering who you are
Out into this computing world,
I wish you success all around!!!

Definitely not as good as MongoDB is web scale.

Original title and link: SQL vs NoSQL: Twinkle, Twinkle, NoSQL! (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

MySQL is Not ACID Compliant

This is becoming a “trend“:

That’s because you are basically taking your data and vomiting it on the hard drive without any consideration as to if your data you are writing is sensible or simply dreamed up by magic pixies.

If you missed it, make sure you watch MongoDB is Web Scale.

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MongoDB is Web Scale

Too funny not to watch it:

Update: Don’t miss the continuation: MySQL is not ACID compliant

Original title and link for this post: MongoDB is Web Scale (published on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL)

Hadoop Made Easy

I wouldn’t say that’s the most inspired banner/logo I’ve seen:

via @LusciousPear