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PHP Doctrine and CouchDB

I already mentioned Doctrine support for CouchDB, but couldn’t find the reference before:

As I blogged recently we started working on CouchDB support on top of the Doctrine2 infrastructure back at FrOSCamp. […] Like I was in #couchdb on freenode the other day and David asked a fairly legitimate question: “can you enlighten me as to why you’d need an ORM on top of native json object”? In this blog post I will try to explain why it makes sense to add a model based infrastructure underneath a NoSQL database.

Still not completely convinced

Original title and link: PHP Doctrine and CouchDB (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


Doctrine: MongoDB Object Document Mapper for PHP

Jonathan Wage’s preso:

And I think I’ve read the Doctrine is now working on tightly integrating with CouchDB too.

Original title and link: Doctrine: MongoDB Object Document Mapper for PHP (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)