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disaster recovery: All content tagged as disaster recovery in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

CouchDB Basic Disaster-Recovery

Iris Couch, the CouchDB hosting spin-off, showing how to setup up replication from a hosted CouchDB:

We want to perform one simple task to completely pull the plug, jumping to a different CouchDB system. Thus these are the main objectives:

  • Have a duplicate of the Iris couch, called B-Couch.
  • B-Couch syncs from Iris couch automatically or regularly.
  • Be able to activate B-Couch with a single domain name change.

Thanks to CouchDB peer-to-peer replication setting up online hot or cold copies is mostly a matter of your imagination (and needs).

Original title and link: CouchDB Basic Disaster-Recovery (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)