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data privacy: All content tagged as data privacy in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Who's Been Trafficking in Your Data? 3 Questions for You

  1. Why am I being tracked?
  2. Who is tracking me?
  3. What is happening to my data?

Robert Plant (HBR) tries to answer these questions that are mostly ignored by the majority of Internet users in this Google/Facebook era:

The first question has a simple answer: Don’t take it personally, but you’re not a customer anymore. You’ve become a commodity, one of 7 billion datapoints on the planet. Your every activity, tracked and logged, has a potential value.

While I’ve tried not to sound paranoid about privacy, when writing about the future of BigData marketplaces and seeing signs of possible big flaws in the process, I’ve expressed my concerns about data ownership and privacy. Optimistically I do expect that at some point all these details will be regulated. Hopefully not too late.

Original title and link: Who’s Been Trafficking in Your Data? 3 Questions for You (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)