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CouchDB and Node.js

Preparing for node.js Knockout[1], a short tutorial on using CouchDB from node.js. The first one that starts with the CouchDB friendly HTTP protocol — I’d say that CouchDB, Riak, and RavenDB are offering probably the smartest and cleanest HTTP based APIs[2]:

Node has better support for HTTP than any language I’ve ever worked with and coincidentally CouchDB’s interface is solely accessible via HTTP. First, let’s just talk to CouchDB using an HTTP library and later we’ll look at some higher level abstractions.

  1. ☞ node.js knockout already took place  ()
  2. I hope everyone agrees that easy/simple, standard, clean APIs are important  ()

Original title and link for this post: CouchDB and Node.js (published on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL)