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basho: All content tagged as basho in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

NoSQL vendor Basho restaffs barren executive ranks

Joab Jackson (Computerworld) quoting the newly appointed CEO of Basho, Adam Wray:

The previous leadership was intelligent and brought a lot of skills to the table, but have not run companies of this size and with this meteoric growth.


Quite frankly, some people were just getting tired, and needed a change in venue.

Many founders and engineers talk about their companies and products as their babies. And there’s a very difficult decision to make to step away for the benefit of your babies when realizing that there may be better ways to raise them.

Maybe that’s the case with what’s happening at Basho.

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End of an era at Basho

Jack Clark for The Register:

The Register has learned that CTO Justin Sheehy will soon be off to pastures unknown; chief architect Andy Gross today revealed he is leaving to take up a position at Twitter; and CEO Greg Collins left in January.

This marks the end of an era at Basho. Only the future, if there’s one, will tell if this was a good or bad era.

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Riak CS: New Version Available, Now Open Source

A new version of Riak CS was announced last week at GigaOM Structure Data 2013 event. But what’s more important is that starting with this version Riak CS is available as open source under an Apache 2 license.

As for Riak itself, Basho will offer an Enterprise version under a commercial license, the main differentiator being multi-datacenter replication and 24x7 customer support. The same as for Riak.

While I went through most of the articles covering this announcement, I couldn’t find the answer to the most obvious question: what made Basho decide to go with the dual model for Riak CS?

On the other hand, it looks like this remains the most popular model in the company-backed open source world: open source products with enterprise versions providing unique features.

Original title and link: Riak CS: New Version Available, Now Open Source (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

Alex Sicular's Recap of Ricon 2012, a Distributed Systems Conference for Developers

While in conference mode1 I’m like a sponge, I’m almost no good at putting all my chaotic notes in a format that is usable to anyone else.

Alex Siculars has done a great job writing down his thoughts about Basho’s fantastic Ricon 2012 and linking to his post makes me feel less guilty for not being able to post mines—I’m learning to get better for the next events:

Chatter by conference attendees left me convinced that Ricon was a success. Ricon was-well executed, well-attended and actually interesting. But more importantly, it was relevant. For those of us at the conference, we actually work in this space. We are interested in the ongoing development of distributed solutions to a number of problems. The conference delivered on creating a space that brought us together to share solutions and learn about continuing advancements. For a new conference to have a successful maiden voyage is no small feat in my book. I, for one, am looking forward to the next one.

My only contribution to Alex Sicular’s great recap is to provide some links to the talks his blog post refers to:

Joe Hellerstein: Programming Principles for a Distributed Era

The PDF can be downloaded from here

Eric Brewer: Advancing Distributed Systems

Russel Brown and Sean Cribbs: Data Structures in Riak

Bryan Fink: Riak Pipe: Distributed Processing System

Ryan Zezeski: Yokozuna: Riak + Solr

More presentation slides can be found on the official Ricon 2012 site.

  1. My thanks again to the Basho team for inviting me to Ricon 2012 and also to DataStax team for the Cassandra Summit invitation. 

Original title and link: Alex Sicular’s Recap of Ricon 2012, a Distributed Systems Conference for Developers (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


Congrats to Basho Team for the New Round of Funding

Besides the title, the details are in the official announcement. Teaser: $6.1mil are coming from Yahoo! Japan Corporation which will use Riak CS.

Original title and link: Congrats to Basho Team for the New Round of Funding (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

Basho Announces Riak-Based Multi-Tenant, Distributed, S3-Compatible Cloud Storage Platform

Coverage of the announcement of a new product from Basho: Riak CS: a multi-tenant, distributed, S3-compatible cloud storage platform:

My notes about Riak CS will follow shortly.

Original title and link: Basho Announces Riak-Based Multi-Tenant, Distributed, S3-Compatible Cloud Storage Platform (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

Basho: Congratulations, Amazon!

A dynamo-as-a-service offered by Amazon on their ecosystem will appeal to some. For others, the benefits of a Dynamo-inspired product that can be deployed on other public clouds, behind-the-firewall, or not on the cloud at all, will be critical.

Objective. Clear. To the point.

Original title and link: Basho: Congratulations, Amazon! (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


NoSQL Applications Panel Video

Hey, it looks like the NoSQL applications panel I’ve moderated at QCon SF 2011 went live minutes ago on InfoQ. Featuring Andy Gross (Basho), Frank Weigel (Couchbase), Matt Pfeil (DataStax), Michael Stack (StumbleUpon), Jared Rosoff (10gen), and yours truly.

Drop everything and start watching it now! I promise you’ll love every second of it[1].

  1. It misses my opening jokes though  

Original title and link: NoSQL Applications Panel Video (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

Basho Raises $5mil for Improving Riak

Congratulations to the Basho guys for closing an additional $5m round of funding. According to Martin Schneider “the funds will be used to make Riak an even better product. We have some seriously awesome plans for additional features, platform capabilities, cloud tools etc.”

Riak already seems like a great product to me—there’s always place for improvements though. I’d say part of the money and a tad more effort should go into making Riak a more popular product.

Details: This is the second round raised this year after the $7.5m announced in June bringing it to a total of $12.5m. The new funding comes from an inside round. Past investors in Basho have included private equity firm Georgetown Partners and Danish systems integrator Trifork AS.

Original title and link: Basho Raises $5mil for Improving Riak (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

40% Penetration for NoSQL: An Interview With Basho's CEO Don Rippert

Don Rippert interviewed by Derrick Harris (GigaOm):

Enterprises will start adopting NoSQL en masse, Rippert thinks, because the types of data they’re now dealing with require new technologies. “We are the data store for the new type of data being stored,” he explained. […]

That data is largely of the unstructured variety coming from web applications, machines and other sources that aren’t the traditional business-transaction data for which relational databases were created. Relational databases were the answer to almost everything previously, but now Rippert thinks NoSQL is “the answer to about 40 percent of business use cases today”.

A couple of follow up questions for Don Rippert[1]:

  1. Is your prediction of 40% market share relative to scenarios for large scale, unstructured data with high availability requirements? That would basically mean a 40% market share for just a couple of products: Cassandra, HBase, Riak, Project Voldemort, and (probably) Couchbase.

  2. How is the rest of 60% of the market devided between the other NoSQL databases, NewSQL databases, and the traditional relational databases?

  3. Considering the current market structure, when do you think the shift towards large scale, highly available requirements happened?

  4. How long do you think it will take the market to remodel? What factors will accelerate this transition?

  1. I’d really appreciate if someone could forward these questions to him.  

Original title and link: 40% Penetration for NoSQL: An Interview With Basho’s CEO Don Rippert (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


Riak Getting LevelDB as Storage Engine

After Innostore and Bitcask, Basho guys are currently experimenting with integrating Google’s LevelDB as a storage engine for Riak. Preliminary results are looking promising:

For most Riak users, Bitcask is the obvious right storage engine to use. It provides low latency, solid predictability, is robust in the face of crashes, and is friendly from a filesystem backup point of view. However, it has one notable limitation: total RAM use depends linearly (though via a small constant) on the total number of objects stored. For this reason, Riak users that need to store billions of entries per machine sometimes use Innostore (our wrapper around embedded InnoDB) as their storage engine instead. InnoDB is a robust and well-known storage engine, and uses a more traditional design than Bitcask which allows it to tolerate a higher maximum number of items stored on a given host.

It appears that LevelDB may become a preferred choice for Riak users whose data set has massive numbers of keys and therefore is a poor match with Bitcask’s model. Performance aside, it compares favorably to InnoDB on other issues such as permissive license and operational usability.

Original title and link: Riak Getting LevelDB as Storage Engine (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


Basho: New Financing, New CEO

This couldn’t go unmentioned:

Basho Technologies, a data storage and management software startup serving the enterprise market, this morning announced that it has raised $7.5 million in Series D funding.

In addition, Basho announced that its board of directors has named Donald J. Rippert, long time CTO of Accenture, as the company’s new president and chief executive officer.

Couple of comments:

  1. I couldn’t figure out if this is a completely new financing round than the $7.5mil. announced in February
  2. The new CEO has been responsible for two main areas back at Accenture: the technology consulting organization and the research and development organization. That basically means a good perspective on the industry and lots of connections, but also knowledge of product development.

Original title and link: Basho: New Financing, New CEO (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)