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SAP HANA: In-Memory Analytical Appliance

Dennis Moore:

SAP HANA does manage data in memory, for nearly incredible performance in some applications, but it also manages to persist that data on disk, making it suitable for analytical applications and transactional applications – simultaneously.

SAP HANA architecture

The architecture diagram above doesn’t show anything uncommon: a good ecosystem and a (pretty classical?) storage engine with an in-memory layer—the Calc Engine and MDX support are not present though in a relational database engine.

But here is the problem:

In the short-term, it seems that SAP still struggles to generate references for HANA, other than in a narrow set of custom data-warehouse-type analytics.


When HANA is generally available […]

The way I read it is: even with selected clients HANA doesn’t seem to provide the promised value. The real question is why? Isn’t it cost effective? Doesn’t HANA bring enough innovation to solve real problems? Is the in-memory layer not enough for addressing the range of problems HANA is promising to solve? Is the competition providing better or more effective solutions?

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