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JSONiq: The JSON Query Language

The long time reader William Candillon of 28msec send me a link to JSONiq - The JSON Query Language, a group initiative to bring XQuery-like queriability to JSON:

Our goal in the JSONiq group, is to put the maturity of XQuery to work with JSON data. JSONiq is an open extension of the XQuery data model and syntax to support JSON.

After reading and experimenting a bit with JSONiq my initial thought is that while it looks interesting, it feels like an XMLish complicated query language that doesn’t really reflect the simplicity and philosophy of JSON.

let $stats := db:find("stats")
for $access in $stats
group by $url := $access("url")
return {
  "url": $url,
  "avg": avg($access("response_time")),
  "hits": count($access)

What do you think?

Original title and link: JSONiq: The JSON Query Language (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

Whither MarkLogic?

Curt Monash:

MarkLogic has always focused on markets where the database truly was about documents in the conventional sense — especially long text documents — aka “content”. I always thought that focus was over-narrow.

How would you concisely describe MarkLogic and its sweet spot?

Original title and link: Whither MarkLogic? (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)