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Trying out BigCouch with Chef-Solo and Vagrant

So the other day, I wanted to quickly check something in BigCouch and thanks to Vagrant, chef(-solo) and a couple cookbooks — courtesy of Cloudant — this was exceptionally easy.

I’ve asked myself many times what is the easiest way to experiment with all these NoSQL databases and frequently changing versions. So far my “recipe” running on Mac OS has been homebrew. But this combination of automated virtual machines sounds quite compelling. Any other suggestions? Should I prefer Puppet to Chef?

Original title and link: Trying out BigCouch with Chef-Solo and Vagrant (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


CouchDB in a VirtualBox

Good for testing (but not the performance):

installing couchdb on ubuntu is a cinch: sudo apt-get install couchdb

As Stephan Schimdt posted today on Twitter:

Hurray for someone telling the truth: “Like most datastores, Riak will run best when not virtualized.” - V is NOT magically adding capacity