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Typekit: All content tagged as Typekit in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Typekit Architecture Includes Redis, MongoDB, and MySQL

As revealed by Ryan Carver in a web pulp TV interview:

  • Besides MySQL, the stack also contains Redis and MongoDB.
  • Redis is used for stashing Resque data, Vanity metrics, etc.
  • MongoDB is used for storing CDN logs, basic analytics data, traffic-tracking data, etc.
  • Typekit has a unique type of revenue-share deal with its Type foundry partners, distributing revenues based on the popularity/usage of font faces.
  • MongoDB is particularly used for such usage-based data collection and calculation along with its built-in MapReduce framework for reporting.
  • Ryan thinks on-the-fly-report-generation is technically very much possible with MapReduce.

About Typekit infrastructure:

  • Ryan says Typekit currently has about a dozen servers in total, hosted on Slicehost.
  • Typekit plans to shift to an EC2 environment in near future because of the easy scaling and flexibility of EC2.
  • They are currently preparing a cloud formation with Chef, rebuilding Typekit’s operations infrastructure.

Now go watch the whole interview.

Original title and link: Typekit Architecture Includes Redis, MongoDB, and MySQL (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)