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TripleD: All content tagged as TripleD in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

TripleD: Distributed GFS-like File System Using Redis and zeromq

On GitHub :

This is a very simple distributed file system borrowing many ideas from GFS. The idea is to focus on simplicity and performance. Not availability or fault tolerance (at all).

Triple D:

  1. Dead simple…
  2. Done right…
  3. Distributed file system

I’ll leave expert Jeff Darcy to comment on TripleD.

Update: Jeff was again kind enough to comment:

Not a filesystem, doesn’t even look serious. Explicit copy in/out, no real directories, single MDS, no security/consistency/etc. In short, it looks like dimissing complexity it doesn’t comprehend. Needs to grow up a lot.

Original title and link: TripleD: Distributed GFS-like File System Using Redis and zeromq (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)