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Tableau Software: All content tagged as Tableau Software in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Top 10 trends in Business Intelligence for 2014 from Tableau Software

The month of retrospectives is here. But even better, December is the month of predictions—the time when you need to carefully file links for later claim chowder.

Tableau Software’s predictionstrends for 2014:

  1. The end of data scientists.
  2. Cloud business intelligence goes mainstream.
  3. Big data finally goes to the sky.
  4. Agile business intelligence extends its lead.
  5. Predictive analytics, once the realm of advanced and specialized systems, will move into the mainstream.
  6. Embedded business intelligence begins to emerge in an attempt to put analytics in the path of everyday business activities.
  7. Storytelling becomes a priority.
  8. Mobile business intelligence becomes the primary experience for leading-edge organizations.
  9. Organizations begin to analyze social data in earnest.
  10. NoSQL is the new Hadoop.

I hope they don’t really mean the 1st one.

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Can Tableau Software Be Data's George Washington?

GigaOm’s Derrick Harris is expressing his excitement about Tableau Software filing for IPO:

This is why I’m so excited about Tableau’s forthcoming IPO. There are few companies that helped spur the democratization of data over the past few years more than Tableau. It has become the face of the next-generation business intelligence software thanks to its ease of use and focus on appealing visualization, and its free public software has found avid users even among relative data novices like myself. Tableau’s success and vision no doubt inspired a number of the companies I’ve already referenced.

I’d be excited about an IPO if I’d own stock and the prospect of the IPO would make me rich(er). For all other cases I’ll continue to dream how a company will change the future.

Original title and link: Can Tableau Software Be Data’s George Washington? (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


Tableau Software Files for IPO

Andrew Brust for ZDNet:

As many in the big data/BI/analytics community had predicted it would, Tableau Software has decided to file for an initial public offering.

✚ In January 2012, Splunk, the Search Engine for Machine Data Company, filed for IPO and around April Splunk’s stocks were doing pretty well

✚ There goes my chance of getting a free license.

Original title and link: Tableau Software Files for IPO (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


Big Data Investment Network Map

Very interesting visualization of some of the companies in the Big Data market connected through their venture capital and investment firms by Benedikt Koehler and Joerg Blumtritt over Beautiful Data blog:

Big Data Investment Network Map

Click to see larger size

There’s only one company I couldn’t find on this map: Hortonworks.

Original title and link: Big Data Investment Network Map (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

Visualizing Hadoop data with Tableau Software and Cloudera Connector for Tableau

Put together one of the most impressive visualization tools, Tableau Software, with one of the best solutions for big data, Hadoop, and you’ll probably get some astonishing results.

Cloudera Connector for Tableau

Credit Cloudera.

While Tableau Software works with structured data only, with this connector it gets access to Hive through HiveQL.

Original title and link: Visualizing Hadoop data with Tableau Software and Cloudera Connector for Tableau (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


Tableau Software and Hadoop

When writing The Good, the Tech, and the Bad of Tableau Software, what I’ve included in the bad category was that Tableau required stuctured data.

Turns out Tableau has a Hadoop connector available through a special license:

But storing and accessing big and messy data is only part of the problem. You’ve still got to make sense of it. Tableau allows you to connect Apache Hadoop from Cloudera easily and do ad-hoc visualization so you can see patterns and outliers in all that data that’s stored in your Hadoop cluster. You can’t get value from your data unless you can see what’s inside of it.

Disclaimer: I usually don’t do any disclaimers, but being asked about this one I thought I should clarify it. I don’t own a Tableau Software license, nor Tableau payed me for writing about it. As one reader commented on my previous post: “It’s nice and all. I wish I could afford it”.

Original title and link: Tableau Software and Hadoop (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

Tableau Software: The Good, the Tech, and the Bad

The good:

Christian Chabot[1]: “Every instance of people turning raw data into something useful includes turning it into a picture”

The tech:

VizQL, the visualization query language that powers the software, was developed at Stanford University by Chris Stolte and Pat Hanrahan, a founding employee at Pixar and the chief architect of that company’s RenderMan visualization and 3D rendering software—an effort that won him two Oscars.

The bad:

Unlike many emerging data technologies, Tableau was built for structured data—whatever fits nicely into rows and columns […]

As a final note, Tableau is able to draw some of the most beautiful graphics I’ve seen. They are much nicer even than Horace Dediu’s graphics.