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Spring: All content tagged as Spring in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Spring Data: Redis Integration Reaches Milestone 1

The second NoSQL database supported in Spring Data, after Neo4j which was mentioned during the official Spring Data announcement, is, as you’d expect, Redis. Costin Leau just announced the Spring Data - Redis integration first milestone availability.

From the announcement:

  • Connection package as low-level abstraction across multiple drivers
  • Configuration support for Redis Jedis and JRedis drivers/connectors
  • Exception translation to Spring’s portable Data Access exception hierarchy for Redis driver exceptions
  • Generified RedisTemplate for exception translation and serialization support
  • Various serialization strategies
  • Atomic counter support classes
  • JDK Collection implementations on top of Redis

From outside, it is difficult to say if Grails NoSQL integration and Spring Data are correlating their efforts or they just reflect a common strategy with their own efforts. Whatever is the answer, it is quite exciting to start seeing so much NoSQL love in the Java land.

Original title and link: Spring Data: Redis Integration Reaches Milestone 1 (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


Microsoft coaches NoSQL options for Azure cloud

The Register writing about Microsoft initiative to bring NoSQL databases to the Azure cloud, Membase and MongoDB being mentioned in the article[1]:

The addition of NoSQL suits Microsoft - by bringing more people to Azure - and it suits the NoSQLers, because they get more Windows devs to support.

You can run NoSQL options like Mongo and Memcached on Azure after some fiddling and configuring. The goal now is to deliver a development, deployment, and management experience already familiar to those on Windows, SQL Server, and Visual Basic.

Is VMWare/Spring making the same bet for the Java world? Judging by the Spring Data initiative, plus Grails support for Redis, Grails support for MongoDB, I’d say they are.

A question that I’d like to clarify to myself is how popular is memcached in the Java world? My impression is that Java people have stayed away from memcached so far, using Java based solutions like EHCache or Terracotta, but I might be completely wrong.

Original title and link: Microsoft coaches NoSQL options for Azure cloud (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


Grails and NoSQL with Graeme Rocher and Scott Davis

It is weekend and so it’s time for videos and podcasts. Back in February, I wrote that, at the time, I could count 4 NoSQL plugins for Grails: CouchDB, HBase, Neo4j, AppEngine. In September, Grails added “official” support for Redis. Graeme talked about Grails/GORM for Redis with Jaxenter and community feedback was great.

Embedded below it a conversation between Graeme Rocher and Scott Davis about Grails and NoSQL databases, mentioning Grails support for Redis and Cassandra:

Even if this is great for the Grails and Java community, it doesn’t mean things are simple in the VMWare/Spring/Grails world.

Original title and link: Grails and NoSQL with Graeme Rocher and Scott Davis (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Spring Framework Goes NoSQL with Spring Data

Spring frameworks feels like be all do all these days. On the other hand, having NoSQL databases integrated with Spring framework may actually represent an opportunity to penetrate the enterprise world.

The primary goal of the Spring Data project is to make it easier to build Spring-powered applications that use new data access technologies such as non-relational databases, map-reduce frameworks, and cloud based data services. A secondary goal is to provide additional support for relational database technologies such as Oracle RAC and convenience classes for Java generic based DAO classes.

The first NoSQL database mentioned to be part of Spring Data is the graph database Neo4j.

On VMWare side things are getting a bit complicated: VMWare owns Spring framework, which owns Grails which integrates with Redis which has been acquired by VMWare earlier this year. And don’t forget to add GemStone to the mix.[1]

  1. Could you say this backwards?  ()

Original title and link: Spring Framework Goes NoSQL with Spring Data (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


Transport Route Planner Using Neo4j

It is combines Neo4j , Google Maps API v3 , Spring 3.0 MVC-AJAX with JQuery and Javascript parsed JSON for the presentation layer.


Spring Security Authentication and Neo4j

Based on the access control lists, Georg M. Sorst provides an easy way to integrate Spring Security Authentication with Neo4j:

When you take a look at the data structure you will see how suitable a graph is to store user data. It allows you to easily create a hierarchical group structure and in order to aggregate all of the user’s groups just need to traverse (find one or more paths) from the user node to the start node.