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Spring Data: All content tagged as Spring Data in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

NoSQL tutorial: Redis with Spring Data

This is first milestone release, so there are minor bugs, documentation isn’t perfect as we used to, and current version need no stable Redis server, but for sure it is great library which allow us to use all this cool NoSQL stuff in “standard” Spring Data Access manner.

A short, but nice explanation on setting up Redis with Spring Data and the main classes you’ll interact with. Everything seems to have the Spring flavor, so if you ever used Spring for accessing your database, starting to use Redis should not be too difficult. Indeed you’ll not have SQL queries and you’ll have to be aware of the different data types and operations Redis handles.

Original title and link: NoSQL tutorial: Redis with Spring Data (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


Now official: Spring Data Riak Support Reaches Milestone 1

Shortly after announcing Redis support in Spring Data and just days after Grails got support for Riak, Spring Data is announcing the 1st milestone of Riak support. The same Costin Leau:

The features in 1.0.0 M1 include:

  • Generified RiakTemplate for exception translation, serialization, and data access
  • Built-in HTTP REST client based on Spring 3.0 RestTemplate
  • and Spring IO resource abstractions for reading/writing streams
  • subclass that represents a Riak resource

Looks like the Springframework NoSQL train is in full movement now.

Original title and link: Now official: Spring Data Riak Support Reaches Milestone 1 (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)