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SchoonerSQL: All content tagged as SchoonerSQL in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

SchoonerSQL + dbShards: What It Takes to Be a Favorite OLTP Solution


Schooner Information Technology started out as a complete-system MySQL appliance vendor. Then Schooner went software-only, but continued to brag about great performance in configurations with solid-state drives. Now Schooner has pivoted further, and is emphasizing high availability, clustered performance, and other hardware-agnostic OLTP (OnLine Transaction Processing) features.


Schooner is my client. Code Futures is my client. I introduced them and suggested their partnership.

And third:

There’s a perception that, if you want (relatively) worry-free database scale-out, you need a non-relational/NoSQL strategy. That perception is false. In the analytic case it’s completely ridiculous, […] And now it’s false for short-request/OLTP (OnLine Transaction Processing) use cases as well.

My favorite relational OLTP scale-out choice these days is the SchoonerSQL/dbShards partnership.

So the recipe is: fail twice, get into a partnership[1] and that will make your product the most promising scale-out relational OLTP system in the eyes of an analyst.

  1. Indeed dbShards’ list of customers includes some interesting names  

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