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Scala: All content tagged as Scala in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Reusable Patterns for Riak in Scala

Ray Jenkins sharing some cool Scala code for Riak on the Boundary blog:

I decided that I’d write this service in Scala and use Riak for persistence. I lazy and I can’t stand doing CRUD stuff so I looked around at our code at Boundary and on the internet and I didn’t find any simple reusable persistence layer in Scala for Riak so I decided to write my own.

Original title and link: Reusable Patterns for Riak in Scala (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


Introducing Scoobi and Scalding: Scala DSLs for Hadoop MapReduce

After posting Impressions About Hive, Pig, Scalding, Scoobi, Scrunch, Spark, I’ve found myself wondering why so many of these libraries are built in Scala and what’s their main purpose. A day later and I’ve found Age Mooij‘s presentation about Scoobi and Scalding which provide an answer to my question. Plus a quick intro to Scoobi1 and Scalding2. Check the slides after the break.

Scala Client for Cassandra From Twitter: Cassie

Staying in the land of recent open source data-related projects from Twitter, Ryan King:

Cassie is a Finagle and Scala-based client originally based on Coda Hale’s library.

While it is certainly stable— we use it in production to talk to a dozen clusters and over a thousand Cassandra machines— it is currently limited to the features we use in production and has a few rough edges.

For the JVM there’s also Netflix’s Cassandra client (Astyanax) available on GitHub.

Derrick Harris

Original title and link: Scala Client for Cassandra From Twitter: Cassie (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


MongoDB in Scala Using Casbah and Salat Object Document Mapping

This is a simple example on using MongoDB in Scala using the Casbah driver for MongoDB and Salat as the ODM (Object Document Mapping) as a Maven project and generating the eclipse project files to work with.

What’s wrong with us Java people to consider simple something that requires over a hundred lines of configurations just to be able to do an insert and find?

Original title and link: MongoDB in Scala Using Casbah and Salat Object Document Mapping (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


Resolving Some CouchDB-Record Inconsistencies in Scala

Aleksa Vukotic:

While the REST interface to Documents and Views in Couch does not require a rich mapping layer (as opposed to the richness of SQL ORM frameworks), I still found it cumbersome to work directly with HTTP all the time in order to store/query my model objects to/from CouchDB.

Currently the Lift-Record framework has a Record implementation for relational databases (Squeryl), as well as Mongo-Record and CouchDB-Record implementations which gained prominence with recent increased interest in NoSQL storage. While the CouchDB-Record implementation is not complete, it has enough features to make it useful when working with CouchDB and Lift. Using CouchDB-Record I could easily map my domain model to the underlying database, and abstract the HTTP layer when I wanted to. The CouchDB-Record implementation did not offer everything that you might expect from a typical O(R)M framework - specifically there are some missing features such as associations mapping, lazy loading, caching.

Two remarks:

  1. When building your next tool or product never ignore the power of habits
  2. How much less time would be spend hacking (and writing about) CouchDB libraries, if there would be a set of official or at least officially-backed CouchDB drivers and libraries.

Original title and link: Resolving Some CouchDB-Record Inconsistencies in Scala (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


Riak and Scala at Yammer

Coda Hale and Ryan Kennedy[1] presented recently about Riak and Scala usage at Yammer providing details about choosing Riak and sharing some of the leassons learned while using Riak for building Streamie.

Slides of the talk are available in PDF format here. And this post on Basho’s blog covers the Q&A part that isn’t included in the video.

  1. Coda Hale: @coda, Ryan Kennedy: @rckenned.  

Original title and link: Riak and Scala at Yammer (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Scala, MongoDB, Scalatra and Casbah: A Quick WebApp with

If you are into Scala with a bit of MongoDB:

Here’s a nice way to get a web service up and running quickly using Scala, Scalatra, SBT and MongoDB.

Original title and link: Scala, MongoDB, Scalatra and Casbah: A Quick WebApp with (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


Rogue: Type-Safe Scala DSL for MongoDB

Foursquare’s post about Rogue:

Rogue is our newly open-sourced, badass (read: type-safe) library for querying MongoDB from Scala.

Rogue is available on Github.

Original title and link: Rogue: Type-Safe Scala DSL for MongoDB (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


Rogue: MongoDB Scala-based Query DSL


Rogue is a type-safe internal Scala DSL for constructing and executing find and modify commands against MongoDB in the Lift web framework. It is fully expressive with respect to the basic options provided by MongoDB’s native query language, but in a type-safe manner, building on the record types specified in your Lift models

Open sourced by Foursquare.

Original title and link: Rogue: MongoDB Scala-based Query DSL (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Neo4j Example with Scala

I just converted the little Neo4j example (coming with the distribution) .

So, when will we get a complete case study or at least a more complete/complex example? — question is not only for Neo4j, but for all graph databases.

Original title and link: Neo4j Example with Scala (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


MongoDB and Scala Presentation

Brendan Mc.Adams’ presentation on MongoDB with Scala:

Original title and link: MongoDB and Scala Presentation (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

NoSQL Databases Adoption: Support for MongoDB and CouchDB in Lift 2.0

NoSQL databases adopted everywhere:

This version adds in-built support for MongoDB and CouchDB, and support for JSON, REST, JTA and LDAP. This release also improves Lift support for Comet and testing, including dependency injection and run-mode injection.