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How Would We Query Such a Database Without Wasting Time With Ugly SQL?

How would we query such a database without wasting time with ugly SQL? We would need an API that will let us define our table schema and then allow us to craft queries using simple abstractions like collection maps, filter, joins, etc. I don’t mean a heavyweight ORM solution either. If we are after simplicity, we’d better forgo dealing with object mappings and the complexity they bring. All we want is a hassle-free way to model our data and read and write it.

After reading about this paragraph, I thought: “what a wonderful description of RethinkDB’s data querying language”. Then I switched back to reading the article which is about SQLAlchemy, one of the most interesting and complete ORMs.

Original title and link: How Would We Query Such a Database Without Wasting Time With Ugly SQL? (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)