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RiakCS: All content tagged as RiakCS in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

RiakCS Multi-Datacentre Redundancy

RiakCS, the Riak-based multi-tenant, distributed S3-compatible cloud storage solution from Basho, supports now multi-datacenter replication:

RiakCS has two data replication options for cloud administrators: full sync and real-time sync. Full sync copies data from a primary RiakCS store to a secondary site at a frequency of administrators’ choosing, though the default is six hours. The secondary data stores regularly ask the primary datastore whether anything has changed and, if it has, they will update their own data to bring it in line.

Real-time sync, meanwhile, triggers when a person requests information from a RiakCS pile of data. If they are requesting from a secondary site, the database will check with the primary to see if anything has changed and update accordingly, while if they are requesting data from the primary, there’s no wait.

The naming of the 2nd sync solution as real-time sounds strange1. I’d probably call it sync on-read.

  1. My first reaction was “there’s no way Basho guys implemented a 2PC or even a Paxos algorithm for synching in real-time, so what is this???”. 

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