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Revolution Analytics: All content tagged as Revolution Analytics in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Revolution R Enterprise 5.0 Released

Revolution Analytics, the commercial provider of the leading statistics language for advanced analytics as showed also by this data analysis tools survey among data scientist has released Revolution R Enterprise 5.0 featuring:

  • Distributed/Parallel Computing: Automatically distribute statistical analyses from a desktop across nodes of a cluster through Windows HPC server and distribute R function calls across nodes.
  • Scalable Data Management: Increase flexibility in data analysis with new data import and cleaning/manipulation tools.
  • Integration with Hadoop: Support MapReduce programming in R and integration with HDFS and HBASE with Cloudera Certified Technology
  • Expanded Scalable Analytics Functionality: Apply new big data statistics algorithms including principal components analysis, factor analysis, contingency table analysis and more.
  • Enhanced R Productivity Environment: Create and build R packages with expanded support features.
  • Enhanced RevoDeployR server: Add multiple compute nodes to support more users, batch execution of large analysis jobs, and LDAP enterprise security support.
  • Upgraded Open Source R: Revolution R 5.0 includes the fully-patched R 2.13.2, which features a new byte-compiler to improve performance of user-written functions and packages.

If you are not familiar with R, check this brief description of what is R and how can it help.

Original title and link: Revolution R Enterprise 5.0 Released (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

R and Hadoop: Revolution Analytics and Cloudera Partnership Announced

In the series of big announcements coming out this month, Cloudera and Revolution Analytics, the enterprise provider of R software, have announced their partnership to integrate Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution with Revolution R Enterprise platform thus offering R developers direct access to Hadoop data stores and the possibility to write MapReduce jobs directly in R.

The integration packages, named RevoConnectR for Apache Hadoop, are already available freely on GitHub and they will also get commercial support with Revolution R Enterprise 5.0 Server for Linux.

You can read more about this announcement on:

Original title and link: R and Hadoop: Revolution Analytics and Cloudera Partnership Announced (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)