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Project Savanna: Hadoop and OpenStack

Timothy Prickett Morgan for The Register about Project Savanna, a collaboration between Mirantis, Hortonworks, and Red Hat:

Batman and Robin. Peanut butter and chocolate. OpenStack and Hadoop. These are things that go together, with the latter pairing being something that commercial OpenStack distie Mirantis, commercial Hadoop distie Hortonworks, and commercial KVM and Linux distie (and soon to be OpenStack commercializer) Red Hat are putting together under a new OpenStack effort dubbed Project Savanna.

Hadoop is at the age where everyone tries to package it and claim they’ll be the Red Hat of the Hadoop ecosystem. I cannot really dot the i-s and cross the t-s, but my gut feeling is that right now all these are actually more similar to the attempts of bringing Linux to the desktop.

We know how successful these have been so far.

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MongoDB: With Adoption Comes… More Adoption

  • Jaspersoft releases the 2nd version of JasperReports Server connector for MongoDB which “solves a key challenge in providing insight from Big Data systems with terabytes or even petabytes of data. Jaspersoft’s intelligent connector integrates 10gen’s NoSQL platform with the full Jaspersoft BI Suite, providing flexible and affordable reporting, ad hoc analysis, and dashboarding of MongoDB data.” [PR announcement]

  • Joyent announces SmartMachine appliance for MongoDB [PR announcement ]:

    • Instant capacity bursting of up to 800%.
    • On the fly MongoDB resizing with no reboot
    • 100% data integrity through the use of the ZFS file system, which provides default copy-on-write snapshotting
    • Joyent Cloud Analytics with DTrace for point-and-click root cause analysis of latencies
    • Security through the use of Zones, which protect vCPUs from other cloud users

    To get a better picture of why the Joyent appliance is interesting check the fantastic results of this Riak benchmark on Joyent SmartMachines and the technical details of the benchmark.

  • MongoDB on OpenShift

    When you sign up for OpenShift you get up to five, free 512 MB instances on which to deploy your applications and MongoDB. What’s the catch? There is none. Getting started with MongoDB in the cloud is fast, free and easy!

    That plus:

    • log tailing
    • snapshots
    • RockMongo web GUI

    You can watch Issac Roth (OpenShift PaaS Master) explaining all the new MongoDB features in this release and read more details here:

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Mahout on Amazon EC2: Installing Hadoop/Mahout on High Performance Instance

Danny Bickson:

Full procedure should take around 2-3  hours.. :-(

I think this would be considered a good provisioning speed for ramping up a new machine in your data center. But it is not a good getting up to speed time.

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Is Red Hat Interested in the Database Market?

Jim Whitehurst (Red Hat CEO):

When I say I don’t want to be a database company, I’m saying that I don’t want to be a SQL database company.

Now that Hadoop has become the tool for handling Big Data, everyone wants to seat at its table. What most seem to ignore is that Hadoop is just a part of the puzzle. There are many interesting solutions around it where a seat at the table is not yet so busy and expensive.

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