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Priam: All content tagged as Priam in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Automating Cassandra Operations and Management With Netflix's Priam Tool

A new open source tool from Netflix, Priam—back in November, Netflix has released Curator, a ZooKeeper library—, used to simplify and automate the operations and management of a Cassandra cluster:

Priam is a co-process that runs alongside Cassandra on every node to provide the following functionality:

  • Backup and recovery
    • snapshot and incremental backups
    • compression and multipart off-site uploading
    • data recovery and data testing
  • Bootstrapping and automated token assignment

    Priam automates the assignment of tokens to Cassandra nodes as they are added, removed or replaced in the ring. Priam relies on centralized external storage (SimpleDB/Cassandra) for storing token and membership information, which is used to bootstrap nodes into the cluster. It allows us to automate replacing nodes without any manual intervention, since we assume failure of nodes, and create failures using Chaos Monkey. The external Priam storage also provides us valuable information for the backup and recovery process.

  • Centralized configuration management: All our clusters are centrally configured via properties stored in SimpleDB, which includes setup of critical JVM settings and Cassandra YAML properties.

  • RESTful monitoring and metrics: provides hooks that support external monitoring and automation scripts. They provide the ability to backup, restore a set of nodes manually and provide insights into Cassandra’s ring information. They also expose key Cassandra JMX commands such as repair and refresh.

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