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HBase at Yfrog

Even if the Yfrog presentation on their usage of HBase has only 9 slides, you’ll find some very interesting notes in there. Here’s a couple that caught my eyes:

  • 10k concurrent requests/second
  • 4 HBase clusters ranging from 50TB to 1PB
  • Having more smaller nodes is better than having less faster bigger nodes
  • We use sub $1k desktop grade servers, they work great![1]
  • Inexpensive 2TB Hitachi disks (~$100) work great, get more units for your money
  • Load test HBase with YCBS: just leave it running for a week, if nothing crashes, you are good.

Make sure you are checking all the slides below.

Riak and Scala at Yammer

Coda Hale and Ryan Kennedy[1] presented recently about Riak and Scala usage at Yammer providing details about choosing Riak and sharing some of the leassons learned while using Riak for building Streamie.

Slides of the talk are available in PDF format here. And this post on Basho’s blog covers the Q&A part that isn’t included in the video.

  1. Coda Hale: @coda, Ryan Kennedy: @rckenned.  

Original title and link: Riak and Scala at Yammer (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Advanced HBase

Without further ado, Lars George’s Advanced HBase slides:

Advanced HBase

Original title and link: Advanced HBase (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Graph Theory and Databases

Pere Urbón-Bayes must check slides deck on graph databases and their applicability. I like this graph database products slide most:

  • Neo4j: open source database NoSQL graph
  • Dex: the high performance graph database
  • HyperGraphDB: an IA and semantic web graph database
  • Infogrid: the Internet graph database
  • Sones: SaaS dot Net graph database
  • VertexDB: high performance database server

By the way I’ve heard Pere (@purbon) is currently looking for a job ;-).

Original title and link: Graph Theory and Databases (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Why Comcast is Interested in NoSQL databases

Fantastic presentation from Jon Moore on why Comcast (enterprises?) is not interested in NoSQL databases:


  • it is not for massive scale
  • it is not for high performance
  • it is not for handling Big Data
  • NoSQL databases still carry risks and require more ramp-up and investment
  • it is for the distributed nature of NoSQL databases, including multi-data center support
  • it is for operational scalability and operational friendliness of NoSQL databases

You can get the PDF from ☞ here.

Jon Moore

Original title and link: Why Comcast is Interested in NoSQL databases (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Scaling Out CouchDB with BigCouch

While CouchOne is focused on getting CouchDB on the mobilesCouchDB is available on Android and probably coming to iOS, Cloudant, the other CouchDB oriented company, is focused on CouchDB horizontal scalability by providing as open source and hosting BigCouch.

Recently Cloudant hosted a webinar on scaling out CouchDB with BigCouch. You can watch the video and slides embedded below:

In a future post I’ll cover more details about how BigCouch is scaling CouchDB.

Original title and link: Scaling Out CouchDB with BigCouch (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Apache Hadoop and HBase

Todd Lipcon’s[1] slides from the NOSQL afternoon in Japan — the japanese version of the NOSQL evening in Palo Alto event:

I particularly liked the slide about the Hadoop ecosystem:

Hadoop ecosystem

  1. Todd Lipcon: Cloudera, @tlipcon  ()

Original title and link: Apache Hadoop and HBase (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

CouchDB: A Database for the Web

From Karel Minarik’s slides on CouchDB

OH: “The world is relational!!!”

That does not mean the world conforms to the third normal form.

In fact, it’s rather the exact opposite.

Complete presentation embedded below:

Original title and link: CouchDB: A Database for the Web (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Terrastore: An Introductory Presentation

From Sven Johansson (@svjson):

The Terrastore deployment architecture slides are looking interesting:

Original title and link: Terrastore: An Introductory Presentation (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Graph Databases: More than An Introduction

Found a very informed and detailed presentation about graph databases from Marko Rodriguez, covering:

  • graph structures, algorithms, and algebras
  • graph databases and the property graph
  • TinkerPop open-source graph product suite
  • real-time, real-world use cases for graphs

Make sure to set aside enough time to go through the 120+ slides as they are definitely worth your time.

Original title and link: Graph Databases: More than An Introduction (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

MongoDB and Scala Presentation

Brendan Mc.Adams’ presentation on MongoDB with Scala:

Original title and link: MongoDB and Scala Presentation (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Cassandra: Performance Tuning

Recently we’ve learned how to tune Cassandra garbage collection, but now we have a full presentation from Brandon Williams (@faltering) about tunning Cassandra for performance[1]:

Also make sure you check these articles about Cassandra write operation performance and Cassandra reads performance.

  1. The video was recorded at Cassandra Summit NoSQL conference.  ()

Original title and link for this post: Cassandra: Tunning for Performance (published on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL)