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Oracle NoSQL: All content tagged as Oracle NoSQL in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

NoSQL Databases MongoDB and Oracle NoSQL Support Added to EclipseLink JPA

EclipseLink 2.4 will support JPA access to NoSQL databases. This support is already part of the EclipseLink development trunk and can be tried out using the milestone or nightly builds.  Initial support is provided for MongoDB and Oracle NoSQL. A plug-able platform and adapter layer allows for other databases to be supported.

I know the intentions are good, but JPA for NoSQL doesn’t make too much sense to me: object-relational mapping applied to non-relational data models.

Original title and link: NoSQL Databases MongoDB and Oracle NoSQL Support Added to EclipseLink JPA (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


Oracle NoSQL Database in Review

Daniel Abadi in probably the most detailed high level review of the Oracle NoSQL database:

Therefore, there is a fundamental difference between the Oracle NoSQL database system and eventually consistent NoSQL systems: while eventually consistent NoSQL systems choose to tradeoff consistency for latency and availability during failure and network partition events, the Oracle NoSQL system instead trades of durability for latency and availability.

The above part has also led to a very interesting exchange between Daniel and a couple of Oracle NoSQL team members about different definitions of eventual consistency.

Original title and link: Oracle NoSQL Database in Review (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)