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New Tools in the NoSQL and Big Data Market

DataStax OpsCenter for Apache Cassandra

DataStax (ex-Riptano) announced yesterday their tool for managing including sophisticated visualizations of the cluster, comprehensive management and configuration, monitoring and operating enterprise Cassandra applications named OpsCenter.

DataStax OpsCenter for Apache Cassandra will require a subscription, but a developer version, not to be used in production, will be made available too.

Call me an idealist, but I would have suggested a different than Gold/Silver/Bronze or Mission-Critical/Premier model:

  • 1-5 nodes: free (nb: good kharma)
  • 6-low tens of nodes: moderately priced package
  • premier: everything else

EMC Greenplum Community Edition

After acquiring Greenplum[1], EMC is making available a community edition:

[…] the new EMC Greenplum Community Edition removes the cost barrier to entry for big data power tools empowering large numbers of developers, data scientists, and other data professionals. This free set of tools enables the community to not only better understand their data, gain deeper insights and better visualize insights, but to also contribute and participate in the development of next-generation tools and solutions. With the Community Edition stack, developers can build complex applications to collect, analyze and operationalize big data leveraging best of breed big data tools including the Greenplum Database with its in-database analytic processing capabilities.

I couldn’t find the details of the community edition license, but instead I’ve found this:

The software is only intended for research, development and experiments, with license purchases required for commercial uses.

About the (marketing) rationale behind this release you can read more on Chuck Hollis’, Global Marketing CTO, blog

  1. Greenplum: a shared-nothing MPP architecture from the ground up for BI and analytical processing using commodity hardwar  

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