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Is Nosql a Premature Optimization That’s Worse Than Death? Or the Lady Gaga of the Database World?

I was just preparing for a long trip when Michael Stonebraker created a new storm. I only caught Domas Mituzas’ sharp reply and Werner Vogel’s comment:

scaling data systems in real life has humbled me. I would not dare to criticize an architecture that holds the social graphs of 750M and works

So if you feel like watching an action movie featuring A-class actors, Todd Hoff has summarized the whole conversation paraphrazing a comment about Lady Gaga:

You know, there’s a difference between not liking someone’s music and not recognizing their talent. If€ you can’t recognize the fact that Lady GaGa is, in fact, extremely talented in many ways, then you may want to try to look at her with less of a bias. There’s plenty of artists I can’t stand, but still respect their talent.

Even if you don’t like Lada Gaga’s schtick, that is a great performance. I get the feeling a lot SQL people don’t recognize the talent of NoSQL, whereas NoSQL people are generally use the best tool for the job types who have no problem with you using SQL if that works for you.

Original title and link: Is Nosql a Premature Optimization That’s Worse Than Death? Or the Lady Gaga of the Database World? (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)