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Introducing Amazon DynamoDB Video

The live broadcast of today’s Amazon DynamoDB announcement went down, so here’s the complete video featuring Werner Vogels (CTO Amazon), Swami Svbasubramanian (GM of DynamoDB), and Don MacAskill (CEO SmugMug)

NoSQL Applications Panel Video

Hey, it looks like the NoSQL applications panel I’ve moderated at QCon SF 2011 went live minutes ago on InfoQ. Featuring Andy Gross (Basho), Frank Weigel (Couchbase), Matt Pfeil (DataStax), Michael Stack (StumbleUpon), Jared Rosoff (10gen), and yours truly.

Drop everything and start watching it now! I promise you’ll love every second of it[1].

  1. It misses my opening jokes though  

Original title and link: NoSQL Applications Panel Video (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

Garth Gibson About HPC and Big Data Applications

Garth Gibson[1] discusses the similaritis and differences between HPC and big data applications in terms of scale of data and challenges.

Most of the time I take filesystems for granted. But that’s exactly what NoSQL database are not doing. Just as a quick example, Basho has designed a special backend for Riak whose main focus is minimizing disk access in order to provide consistent performance.

NoSQL Screencast: HBase Schema Design

In this O’Reilly webcast, long time HBase developer and Cloudera HBase/Hadoop architect Lars George discusses the underlying concepts of the storage layer in HBase and how to do model data in HBase for best possible performance.

NoSQL Screencast: Building a StackOverflow Clone With RavenDB

Ayende and Justin pair to model a StackOverflow website clone with RavenDB. And they cover:

  • Map/Reduce indexes
  • Modelling tags
    • Root aggregates
    • Metadata
    • Active tags
  • Facets
  • Performance:
    • Built-in caching
    • Lazy loading
    • Aggressive caching
  • RavenDB profiler

NoSQL Screencast: Busy Java Developers Guide to NoSQL

Ted Neward examines the NoSQL ecosystem, looks at the major players, how they compare and contrast, and what sort of architectural implications they have for software system in general.

Riak: Past and Future

Justin Sheehy talking about the origins of Riak and Dave Smith about its future at Riak 1.0 party. A nice piece of the recent history.

Couchbase 2.0 Ruby Client Screencast

A screencast demoing CRUD capabilities of the Couchbase 2.0 using the Ruby library.