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NoSQL presentation: All content tagged as NoSQL presentation in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Building Spanner Presentation

Alex Lloyd’s talk from Berlin Buzzwords 2012 about Google’s Spanner:

NoSQL Screencast: Busy Java Developers Guide to NoSQL

Ted Neward examines the NoSQL ecosystem, looks at the major players, how they compare and contrast, and what sort of architectural implications they have for software system in general.

NoSQL Presentation: Blending MongoDB With RDBMS for Ecommerce

Steve Francia, VP of Engineering at OpenSky, talks about their social commerce solution built using MongoDB, Symfony 2, Doctrine 2, PHP 5.3, PHPUnit 3.5, jQuery, node.js, Git (with gitflow) and a touch of Java and Python and how combining a relational database and MongoDB improved their application.

Apache Sqoop: What, When Where, How

The other day I’ve posted about Sqoop’s first release under Apache umbrella, so I’ve thought of providing a bit more details about where Sqoop fits in picture. I’ve embedded below 3 presentations that will answer questions like what is Sqoop, when and where to use Sqoop, how to use Sqoop.