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NoSQL funding: All content tagged as NoSQL funding in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

FoundationDB raises $17mil

David Rosenthal, founder of FoundationDB:

I am pleased to announce today that FoundationDB has raised $17 million

What does this funding mean for you? Most important, it means that we’ll be hiring more people to serve you better and continue to push the product and community forward. It means more layers, more languages, more performance, more support, more tutorials, more meetups, and more FoundationDB. While we’re excited to be participating and competing in the fast-growing NoSQL market, this year we’re also going to show you that FoundationDB is not just another NoSQL database. Our transactional guarantees fundamentally put us ahead of the pack and allow us to deliver multiple data models side-by-side as layers. Expect some amazing new capabilities, starting with the upcoming release of our open- source ANSI SQL layer.

$17mil on the ACID transaction corner. Congrats guys!

I see a trend here: every time a database company mentions my name, it raises money: one week after I joined DataStax they raised $45mil and now one week after Nick Lavezzo posted a Response to Alex Popescu on “The demise of eventual consistency” they’ve raised $17mil.

Original title and link: FoundationDB raises $17mil (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


$14mil More for NoSQL Database Couchbase

Couchbase has raised $14mil in a new round of funding bringing the company’s total of capital raised to $30mil. This capital will be used to:

  • further develop the NoSQL database
  • increase adoption and growth of Couchbase in enterprise organizations
  • expand internationally
  • support its growing community through expanded technical education and community events.

For more details you can check the PR announcement and TechCrunch coverage.

Original title and link: $14mil More for NoSQL Database Couchbase (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)