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NoSQL Books: Riak Handbook and the Little Redis Book

A couple of recent books that I’ll be adding to the list of NoSQL books:

  1. Mathias Meyer’s Riak Handbook. You can get an idea of the book by checking Consistent Hashing Explained: The What and the Why, the free sample chapter, and the table of contents.

  2. Karl Seguin’s The Little Redis Book. Karl is at the second free NoSQL book after the The Little MongoDB Book.

Original title and link: NoSQL Books: Riak Handbook and the Little Redis Book (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

A Beginners' Guide to MongoDB With C#

Just what the title says.

Seems like there is a variety of NoSQL database architectures and features, some of which are designed to handle very large masses of data and scale up; others are more limited in capabilities. Turns out that one has to do homework in order to choose the “right database”. I was reading some more and thought I’d try out mongoDB, which seemed like a leading solution in the field.

Original title and link: A Beginners’ Guide to MongoDB With C# (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)