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Presentations from NOSQL Afternoon in Japan

The Palo Alto NoSQL event has been followed by one in Japan called NOSQL afternoon in Japan. Thanks to ☞ Gemini Mobile Technology blog I have found links to the video recordings from the event:

  • ☞ Part 1: Opening Remarks, Hibari, Okuyama, Cassandra, ROMA, MyCassandra
  • ☞ Part 2: MongoDB, kumofs
  • ☞ Part 3: Couch DB, HBase/Hadoop, Closing Remarks.

Quite a lot to watch over the weekend!

Original title and link: Presentations from NOSQL Afternoon in Japan (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

NoSQL at Strange Loop

The ☞ Strange Loop conference hosted two NoSQL talks: ☞ Steve Smith on Real world modeling with MongoDB (PDF) and ☞ Billy Newport on Enterprise NoSQL: Silver Bullet or Poison Pill?.

First one was on the practical parts of NoSQL, the second offered an “enterprisey” perspective on NoSQL. Victor Olteanu has a ☞ long post summarizing the talks at the conference, including the two mentioned.

Talking about modeling with MongoDB, here is another slidedeck on this subject:

Update: I stand corrected: there were many more NoSQL talks at StrangeLoop.


Riak from Small to Large

There’s also a video of Rusty Klophaus giving this presentation at Berlin Buzzwords

Working with Dimensional data in Distributed Hash Tables

Unifying the Search Engine and NoSQL DBMS with a Universal Index

Chris Biow’s slides also available ☞ as PDF.

There were 4 more that I couldn’t tracked down

HyperGraphDB - Data Management for Complex Systems

Borislav Iordanov’s slides available ☞ here (pdf)

NoSQL At Twitter

Kevin Weil’s slides available ☞ here (pdf)

Adopting Apache Cassandra

Eben Hewitt’s slides available ☞ here (pdf)

Scaling with MongoDB

Roger Bodamer’s slides available ☞ here.

Original title and link: NoSQL at Strange Loop (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Hadoop World in Tweets

I still cannot figure out how I managed to miss Hadoop World. All I got left (except being pissed off) is to follow the tweets coming from the NoSQL event.

Topics covered so far:

  • Big Data
  • Hadoop security
  • HBase
  • Case studies
    • eBay
    • Facebook: Hadoop, HBase, Hive, Scribe
    • Twitter: Hadoop, Scribe, Oozie, Pig
    • Hadoop at Chicago Mercantile Exchange
    • HP
    • comScore
    • StumbleUpon

Check out my curated Hadoop World stream.

NoSQL Frankfurt: A Quick Review of the Conference

Yesterday was the NoSQL Frankfurt conference and today we have the chance to review some of the slide decks presented.

Beyond NoSQL with MarkLogic and The Universal Index

Nuno Job (@dscape) has presented on MarkLogic — an XML server we haven’t talked too much about, its universal index, and a couple of other interesting features.

The GraphDB Landscape and sones

Achim Friedland (@ahzf) has provided a very interesting overview of the graph databases products, the goals and some scenarios for graph databases, a brief comparison of property graphs with other models (relational databases, object-oriented, semantic web/RDF, and many other interesting aspects.

Data Modeling with Cassandra Column Families

Gary Dusbabek (@gdusbabek) has covered data modeling with Cassandra (the topic I’m still finding to be one of the most complicated).

Neo4j Spatial - GIS for the rest of us

Peter Neubauer (@peterneubauer) covered another interesting topic in the data space: geographic information (GIS) in graph databases.

Even if GISers suggested this integration some time ago Neo4j announced recently support for GEO.

Cassandra vs Redis

Tim Lossen (@tlossen) slides compare Cassandra and Redis from the perspective of a Facebook game requirements. All I can say is that the conclusion is definitely interesting, but you’ll have to check the slides by yourselves.

Mastering Massive Data Volumes with Hypertable

Doug Judd — who impressed me with his fantastic Hypertable: The Ultimate Scaling Machine at the Berlin Buzzwords NoSQL conference — gave a talk on Hypertable, its architecture and performance. The presentation also mentioned two Hypertable case studies: Zvents (an analytics platform) and (spam classification)[1]:

More presentations will be added as I’m receiving them.

  1. Just recently I’ve posted about Hadoop being used for spam detection.  ()

Original title and link: NoSQL Frankfurt: A Quick Review of the Conference (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)