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Mongs: All content tagged as Mongs in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Mongs: Data Browser for MongoDB

A read-only web based interface to your MongoDB data:

We use MongoDB pretty heavily at work (along with Postgres and an in-house db), but I haven’t found a good data browser like you get in Futon for CouchDB. There’s a port of Futon to MongoDB, but the data models don’t quite line up and I wanted something read-only and simple. I went ahead and wrote such a one in Python using the Aspen web framework. I’m calling it Mongs, after a local dairy. Check it out if you want a nice clean Python-based data browser for MongoDB.

You can get it from GitHub . Add it to the previous list of nice UI tools for MongoDB.

Original title and link: Mongs: Data Browser for MongoDB (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)