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MongoDB NoSQL tutorial: All content tagged as MongoDB NoSQL tutorial in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

PHP and MongoDB Tutorial

Derick Rethans’s1 slides are a good MongoDB tutorial for PHP developers covering most of the API.

Using MongoDB Replica Sets With Node.js on Microsoft Azure: NoSQL Tutorials

Mariano Vazquez explains how to configure MongoDB replica sets on Microsoft Azure and how that works:

  • MongoDB will run the native binaries on a worker role and will store the data in Windows Azure storage using Windows Azure Drive (basically a hard disk mounted on Azure Page blobs)
  • The good thing about using Azure Storage is that the data is georeplicated. It will also make backup easier because of the snapshot feature of blob storage (which is not a copy but a diff).
  • It will use the local hard disk in the VM (local resources in the Azure jargon) to store the log files and a local cache.
  • You can scale out to multiple Mongo Replica Sets by increasing the instance count of the MongoDB role

Original title and link: Using MongoDB Replica Sets With Node.js on Microsoft Azure: NoSQL Tutorials (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)