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RavenDB vs MSSQL: Which to Choose?

Daniel Lang:

The question which database to choose obviously depend on your concrete scenario, the skills of your team, your environment (existing licenses), etc. but here is what I think could help you:

We choose RavenDB when

  • we can think of our data in terms of aggregates with mostly independent chunks of data (e.g. customer, order, product, etc.)
  • we need to have good performance on aggregation and calculation queries
  • we need to have complex searching (full-text, facets, etc.)
  • we need to be able to scale
  • we need high availability at low costs

We choose SQL Server when

  • when we need to support user generated reports and highly dynamical data analysis
  • we have to deal with mostly relation data (e.g. accounting, statistics)
  • we want to use Windows Azure
  • our customer definitely wants us to choose sql server without knowing better

My additional 2 cents:

  1. the easy part: don’t choose one or another based on feature lists. Feature lists should be used only in apples-to-apples comparisons.
  2. the more complicated part: don’t use a relational database just because you’ve always used one. Don’t use a NoSQL database just because it’s the shiny new toy you need on your portfolio/resumé. Don’t use both just because it might be fun.

Original title and link: RavenDB vs MSSQL: Which to Choose? (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)