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LevelDB: SSTable and Log Structured Storage

Ilya Grigorik digs into LevelDB’s SSTable and log structured storage1:

If Protocol Buffers is the lingua franca of individual data record at Google, then the Sorted String Table (SSTable) is one of the most popular outputs for storing, processing, and exchanging datasets. As the name itself implies, an SSTable is a simple abstraction to efficiently store large numbers of key-value pairs while optimizing for high throughput, sequential read/write workloads.

Even if not very talked about, LevelDB is making notable contributions to the NoSQL space: the leveled compaction strategy in Cassandra 1.0 is based on LevelDB and Riak ships with LevelDB since 1.0.

Original title and link: LevelDB: SSTable and Log Structured Storage (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)