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LAMP: All content tagged as LAMP in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

LAMP Replacement: The Jason Stack

Janos stands for: JavaScript, Node.js, and a NoSQL database. Dr. Axel Rauschmayer:

It is very fortunate for JavaScript programmers that two things have become popular: JSON as a data transfer format (for web services etc.) and NoSQL databases. Both are perfect fits for JavaScript: JSON uses JavaScript syntax. Schema-less databases make things as flexible on the database side as they are on the programming language side; you get the advantages of object-oriented databases without their messiness.

Even if I’m collecting some more interesting examples of Node.js + NoSQL database, I’m still not convinced that Node’s event-oriented approach is meant to replace the Apache + Perl/Python/PHP/Ruby or the heavy lifting Tomcat + Java server side components. But I can see it used in the “small- to medium-scale” apps.

Original title and link: LAMP Replacement: The Jason Stack (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


Node.js, Unix, and MongoDB: The New LAMP

Caution: unsubstantiated arguments. Travis Glines:

My argument is that we are in the beginning stages of a transition away from using Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (there other variants) towards utilizing Node.js, a Unix based operating system and MongoDB for hosting web applications. Here’s why: Node.js scales better and can do more with a simpler interface than Apache and PHP […]

Oh, yes and MongoDB is Web Scale!

On a more serious note, read Alex Payne’s post about ☞ node.js and scaling and check these MongoDB and MySQL benchmarks.

Update: it looks like he is ☞ not alone

Original title and link: Node.js, Unix, and MongoDB: The New LAMP (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)