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Jaql: All content tagged as Jaql in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Jaql: Query Language for JSON in IBM InfoSphere BigInsights

jaql was created and is used by IBM InfoSphere BigInsights—the IBM Apache Hadoop distribution:

Jaql’s query language was inspired by many programming and query languages that include: Lisp, SQL, XQuery, and PigLatin. Jaql is a functional, declarative query language that is designed to process large data sets. For parallelism, Jaql rewrites high-level queries when appropriate into a “low-level” query consisting of Map-Reduce jobs that are evaluated using the Apache Hadoop project. Interestingly, the query rewriter produces valid Jaql queries which illustrates a departure from the rigid, declarative-only approach (but with hints!) of most relational databases. Instead, developers can interact with the “low-level” queries if needed and can add in their own low-level functionality such as indexed access or hash-based joins that are missing from Map-Reduce platforms.

Original title and link: Jaql: Query Language for JSON in IBM InfoSphere BigInsights (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)